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Redundant Data Entry
Companies today find they have multiple systems which require the same information to be entered. For example, accounting systems require businesses to enter invoices to track revenues etc. The issue is that these invoices were already entered into another scheduling system, which the customer information was also entered on a work order. This duplication requires resources and their time to complete these tasks and costs the company money.

Translucent Scheduler 2007 provides a solution to this problem by allowing companies to import work order information into the invoice and then export the invoice into a format that can then be uploaded into popular accounting packages. This allows information already available to be leveraged to reduce the redundant data entry.

Rapid Invoice Entry
Many accounting packages offer invoicing as a standard feature. However, none of these software packages integrate into a full featured scheduling system and allow you to import and link information from a completed work order. Companies today are faced with dual data entry. As work orders are completed the information should be carried over to the invoice.

Translucent Scheduler 2007 allows users to import information (e.g. customer information) from a work order into an invoice. Through rapid invoice entry the company cannot only save time and money but it also eliminates data entry errors.

Tracking Account Receivables
Companies which invoice customers frequently should have the ability to track the status of an invoice including the technician who completed the invoice, the balance of the invoice and the work order which generated the invoice. Having access to this information allows a company to identify invoices which are overdue or remain open due to no payment. The life cycle of a work order to a paid invoice can help companies analyze technician performance and provide trend analysis. Translucent Scheduler 2007 provides companies the ability to search millions of invoices to identify overdue or open invoices real-time.

Accounting Portability
Many invoice and work order packages today are not compatible with external accounting software products like QuickBooks or Microsoft Small Business Accounting. This requires companies which use this software to enter invoice and work order information into multiple systems. Translucent Scheduler 2007 will provide the ability to export accounting information into popular accounting packages. This interface will enable companies to use Translucent Scheduler 2007 to capture the data and import it into their accounting system. This will reduce data entry errors and provide quick updates to accounting and financial system. Translucent Consulting plans to release this feature during the first quarter of 2007.

Return on Investment
Through innovative approaches to common business needs, Translucent Scheduler 2007 has enabled companies the ability to utilize our powerful product while continuing to use there existing account software. By eliminating the redundant data entry Translucent Scheduler 2007 will save company time and money by allowing the data to be imported and exported from the work order to the invoice to the external accounting system.

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Translucent Consulting is a software development and consulting firm focused on technologies and products that will assist companies through innovation. We are proud to announce the release of Translucent Scheduler 2007, our approach to appointment scheduling software & dispatch software solutions.

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