Can I Save Money At An Outlet Store?

by Angela Marino - Date: 2010-09-07 - Word Count: 479 Share This!

Everyone loves to know they are getting a good deal when they are shopping for something. It could be a big purchase like a house or car or something much smaller like t-shirts and jeans. It doesn't matter. We all want to know we got the best deal. There are even websites dedicated to bragging about the deal you found.

After a recent trip to an outlet center, I thought to myself, "Am I really getting a good deal here?" I think people's opinions on this will vary greatly. I also think it depends on what you are buying and where you are buying it.

There are many key factors to get the best deal at an outlet store. Is the store having sales? Do you have coupons? Are they looking to unload inventory?

There are many things I do to make sure I get a good deal when I shop at an outlet store. But I think the main key to my success is this.

For me, I generally do not go to an outlet store looking for something specific. Meaning, if I'm looking for a certain style of black shoes and I must have it right away, I won't expect to find it at an outlet store. Shopping this way at an outlet store usually ends two ways for me. One, I find a pair but the price I end up paying is pretty close to retail making the trip not really worth it. Or two, I end up leaving disappointed because they didn't have the exact style I wanted, or my size, or the color, etc.

Instead, I have an idea of a few things I would like to purchase in say the next three months. Back to those black shoes I want. Maybe they are getting worn and still look ok now but will need to be replaced soon. I will keep in mind what style I am looking for.

Then, I will keep an eye out for what I want. If I see them and it's a great price, perfect! I buy them. However, if it's a little higher than what I want to pay, I usually ask a sales associate if there will be any sales or coupons coming out in the next week or two. Many of these stores have frequent extra discounts and associates usually know when they will happen.

If one is coming up relatively soon, I usually take the chance and wait to make the purchase. Yes, I do run the risk of them being out of stock. But more times than not I get the deal I want.

So before you shop at the outlets again, be sure to have an idea of items you not only need right now but may need or want in the next few months. Check Coupon Mole for coupons to outlets like Banana Republic Factory Store and Coach Factory Store.

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