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Animation contest happens to discover a best animation production and a best animator from a huge crowd. The contest is designed based on a concept where participants have to interpret the topic and figure it out. Animation contest may ask incorporation of props, scenery, sound; voice etc. that depends on the contest. If the idea of this contest is for participants to focus on their animation skills, it is open for all entrants. If the contest is for building models for an animation product for an organization, the entries may be limited.

The objective of an animation contest leads the utilization of technology to create time sequence or series of graphics images run in a frame to give the appearance of continuous movement. An animation project includes motion of characters on a layout, with matching background.

Contest Category and Participation
Categories are designed based on the time length and graphics type 2-D / 3-D. If the contest is for 2-D (2 dimensional) the animations must be with effects like Morphing, Twining, blurring, Frame by frame motions and Flip Book etc. If the contest on 3-D (3 dimensional with Digital Cinematography or Computer Character Animation), the animated submission is to be a rendered sequence of one or more animated frames. The contest may be designed purposefully for Game, Commercial and Motion films.

Participation may be skilled level or entry level according to the priority of the resultant products. Normally, only one person is taken for one entry, so that he/she can be assessed for individual creativity. If the contest has more features like sound, graphics, animation, direction and production, the Entries may be considered for a team. The different result may come out for each part of the contest for sound, graphics, animation, direction and production etc. The participants have to apply for registration under the entry rules for the particular contest.

Materials Requirements and Copyrights
The participants have to arrange the necessary material like drawing sets, computer, tools, product format etc. All the materials and production must be completed within the stipulated time. The material may adhere to all applicable copyright laws in the contest. The Contest conducting organization may ask for keeping of the copyrights of all entries which might have mentioned in the term and condition of the contest rule. Or may be the entries returned back to the participants' properties except the winning entries. The copyrights include the music used, graphics used, storyboard etc.

The contest cannot be accomplished without judgment. A panel of judges evaluates the entries based on the categories, criteria and rules. The common criteria are appealing, quality and clarity of Story and Imagery.

AniBoom is in the process of conducting many animation contests along with other popular competitions. There will be varieties of categories, concepts and occasional purpose for different contests. The judgment will be by a panel of judges as well as viewers of the contest show. The winners of the contest will be awarded and recognized for future assignments and project requirements.

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