Free Your Mind For Inner Peace And Good Health

by Linda Adams - Date: 2010-05-23 - Word Count: 511 Share This!

Materialistic existence in the consumerist 3rd millennium puts so much importance on the existence of thought, this matter which composes our consciousness. When (or if) your mind dwells in matter, there will always be the presence of fear, stress, anxiety since the essence of being in a material world is the quest is for material security, gratification and permanence. When we are called to do (or make or say) something, we get to feel alarm, upset and and distressed.

That is not what makes for a happy or healthy life. You would want to be free of requisites like that, and seek to have peace and bliss. This is where meditation comes along as the only thing handy.

Meditation is defined as the emptying of your consciousness of any and all content. When that occurs, your mind becomes calmed and at peace. When your mind is calmed, you get the energy to be able to discern reality from illusion.

Consciousness is discerning what is present and occurring around us, and our ideas and fantasies, too. In other words, consciousness refers to self-awareness.

The sight of the splendors of nature affects us and we are touched. Their beauty touches us because of an earlier association with that natural splendor. That acknowledgment exists because there had been a previous association.

A lifetime gives us different encounters and notions that, in time, define who we are. We become everything that we have experienced and reflected upon.

Each person goes through all sorts of experiences and the mind wants more and better experiences, as well as other frameworks, other dimensions. Narrow encounters in life get to be dull and inane, then your mind goes after the utmost endless consciousness.

Meditation is a mental condition where there is absence of experience, time, past, future and the idea of self. In this state, any yearning is absent, as well as aspiring for a sense of stability or joy since these will occur in the future and are then tied up with time. Thus these thoughts are restricted by the concept of time, which you must discard to achieve that state outside of time. A condition that is so not common.

Meditation, thus, is when the mind contains no will, no desire, no concept of time, therefore the self is no longer apart from everything else. You develop a union with everything. The you, me, she, this, that, will then disappear - nothing now separates you from your surroundings.

When meditation is done together with the various Yoga asanas you will get to find direct links and sensitivity to What Is and a clearer perception of the occurrences in the Now.

Yogic asanas loosen up the body making for smooth flow and nourishment of blood and flushing out of body toxins while meditation releases from your consciousness all shades of past encounters, desire for future ones and your sense of self. The combination of the yogic sequences and meditation techniques clears you of all these.

This lays your consciousness open to acquiring peace, serenity and wealth. You go from state of suffering and chaos to a state of total freedom.

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