The Origins of the Boston Terrier

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The Boston Terrier originated in the late nineteenth century. The Boston Terrier originated when Robert C. Hooper purchased a type of dog known as Hooper's Judge. Hooper's Judge was a cross between an English White Terrier and an English Bulldog. In the year 1893, the American Kennel Club recognized the breed of dog known as the Boston Terrier. This type of dog is thought to be a true American mascot because it was the first dog to ever be recognized by the American Kennel Club.

The Boston Terrier gained even more notoriety when it was deemed the mascot of famed Boston University. Then in the year 1979 the Boston Terrier was named the state dog of Massachusetts. Another reason for the Boston Terriers nation wide acclaim is that this type of dog was featured in several of the Wizard of Oz books. The famous dog Toto was often drawn as a Boston Terrier.

The Boston Terrier was at first used as a ratting dog. Over the years the Boston Terrier has taken over the role of beloved companion and pet. The Boston Terrier weighs between fifteen and twenty-five pounds. This type of dog reaches a maximum height of either fifteen or seventeen inches. The Boston Terrier is easily recognized because of the white markings mixed with black, seal or brindle. Usually the noticeable coat of the Boston Terrier is a combination of all three. In the sunlight Boston Terriers appear to be black in color with red highlights. The coat of the Boston Terrier is very smooth and short. The Boston Terrier requires a minimum amount of grooming.

The Boston Terrier has a life expectancy of fourteen years. This type of dog is known for being very good with children and other pets. The Boston Terrier is most happy when kept indoors as a companion. The Boston Terrier is in the class of non-sporting dog. The Boston Terrier is a wonderful pet and companion.

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