Canine Conditioning

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Conditioning our dogs?

Absolutely, after all and surprisingly, opposite to common belief, our dogs are animals!

Yes, we consider them fur kids, children we never had, members of our family, yet they are still animals and I "despise" saying this.

Of course, a small dog can be admonished with a swift pick up, try this with a large, or giant breed, you'll throw your back out.

Conditioning our dogs as a furry family member is a process. For now, let's disregard the SIZE of our pooches and concentrate on the canine mindset.

Respect to human beings is the number one, most important thing to teach our fur kids.


Let's elaborate...

We all have visited neighbors, friends, and most likely on occasion, were annoyed and witnessed the bad behavior of others pooches and pets.

Let's talk a bit about dog behavior, I don't care if it's a Giant dog, or highly energized Terrier, we all need to take note here.

Socialization is key and so important!

Big, small, it doesn't matter. Dog behavior is a result of how we condition our companions to react around strangers, friends and family. The perfect party host is something to be proud of, it's all up to you. Our pets are simply waiting to learn the right way to serve.

Don't you all want the perfect pet? Of course, we all do. Imaging the proudness of a calm, friendly dog, courteously greeting all who enter our home.

How rare...

This behavior begins with you and your new puppy.

I doesn't matter the size, actually, dogs don't even know their size. What really makes a different here is conditioning and socialization.

Take a few moments each day and "make sure" your fur kid meets at least one person.

I'm often complemented on my Giant Danes behavior. "He's such a Good Dog", or, wow, "What a well behaved dog".

There is no more important exercise than socialization in conditioning your pup towards top canine citizenship.

Meet and greet everyone, with a calm, confident, relaxed mindset and your companion will reap the rewards.

I love Great Danes yet ironically, have cared for Chihuahuas as well. Small, big, no different as to what works. All my dogs have achieved a wellness among pets/people that many owners wish for.

It's not that hard!

Body language, tone of voice, affection and care top the list. Don't get confused among the many breeds we all call friend. They're all similar, as they aim to please each and every one of us.

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