Space Shuttle Atlantis Successfully Launched

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THE ATLANTIS Space Shuttle had a successful launch from Pad 39A at 2:28Pm Easter Time on Monday, November 16. The Space shuttle launch took place at the Kennedy Space Centre, where the weather was quite nice and perfect. Also the countdown contained no serious technical issues as such.

The Space shuttle is on a mission of eleven days, designated STS 129 to carry the much needed spare parts to the International Space Station. Atlantis carried two spare gyroscopes, two nitrogen lank assemblies, two pump modules, ammonia tank assembly and spare latching end effectors for the station's robotic arm.

Atlantis space shuttle is expected to arrive at the International Space Station in about two days after its launch.

Do check out and watch the launch of the Atlantis Space Shuttle on the net.
NASA, in last month had successfully launched the prototype Ares I-X, the tallest rocket ever built as a part of its effort to build a new generation of space rocket to transport the Orion capsule.

The Atlantis space shuttle launch was the last launch in this year.

TODAY THE Atlantis space shuttle with a crew of six astronauts was launched successfully to deliver a load of spare parts to the International Space Station.

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