5 Surefire Ways to Attract a Hot Lover

by Shannon Nnanna - Date: 2006-12-27 - Word Count: 391 Share This!

I'm going to give you the five surefire ways to attract a hot lover while simultaneously becoming a hot lover yourself. After all, like attracts like. This is the first law of the universe and your first surefire way to get the lover you desire. First, you tap into your own sensual nature. RED is the color you should focus on in the first stage. Wear red clothing, notice people wearing red, write with red ink...find any way you can to incorporate the color red into your conscious reality.

Take the time to enjoy the tastes and smells of the food you eat. Savor each morsel, indulge your senses. This is the second law of universal attraction- pleasure invites more pleasure. The more joy you have in your experience of life, the more others will want to enjoy experiencing life with you.

Describe the beauty you see. This is the third key of attraction. Use words to shape the reality around you. Call out the loveliness of creation that surrounds you. Take note of the small, but poignant occurrences that fill our worlds with meaning, like a raindrop trembling at the end of a budding branch. Fill your consciousness with the beauty that underlies everything and surely someone special will be highly conscious of your beauty. Let the words that come out of your mouth draw attention to beauty.

Use eye contact. The most magnetic force between human beings is the gaze between lovers. Do not be afraid to look someone in the eyes and let your eyes rest on them. Absorb their energy with that gaze, and let yourself be seen. Enjoy the pleasure of interlocking your attention with theirs. When the moment has passed, then simply look away. Many times more passion is exchanged with these long looks than even with beautiful words.

The fifth and final surefire way to attract a hot lover is by touch. Human beings have as their essential nature, the quality of affection. This is our most innate characteristic. Therefore it should be natural to touch hands at least when greeting someone. If there is romantic interest, hugs should definitely be given. Maintain contact as long as is comfortable. It should be a light, sweet touch that is gentle and non-invasive.

Use these five surefire ways to become a hot lover and I guarantee that you'll attract the same!

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Shannon Nnanna currently resides in Brentwood, California. Like these red-hot love tips? Find more like them at http://shannannanna.blogspot.com

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