Speaking To Persuade By Dr Leroy Brown - Book Review

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When it comes to learning how to make a speech, the contents of the speech is usually taught separately from the physical delivery.

Contemporary teachers of speech training such as Dr LeRoy Brown, combine the two elements of physical delivery with the presentation of the contents of the speech. Therefore, what is said and how it's said are both of equal importance.

As a successful dramatist, Dr Brown has combined the art of stage performances with the teaching of pubic speaking to adults. When I was a school child, the lessons I enjoyed and remember the most, are the ones where the teachers used humour and fun activities as aids to teaching the lessons. I think this is why this textbook appealed to me.

The title of each chapter enlists our curiosity. The chapter contents examine potential problems, and then Dr Brown teaches us easy to use solutions.

Here are three of examples:-

1. A Man in a Tree. Dr Brown shows us how to use everyday occurrences as an opener for a speech. He explains how to dress up the tale with a little twist at the end that would enable you to hold your audiences attention.

2. So What? Or "What! So?" Stories. Here, Dr Brown shows us how to select stimutating stories from our own experiences, newspapers, local news and even from biographies. These are used as examples or comparisons to illustrate a fact or the propose of the speech.

3. Cinerama Talking. Here, Dr Brown explains how the speaker can use visual language to paint pictures in the audiences mind.

Also at the end of each chapter there is corresponding practical tutorial. Here are three examples:-

1. Suggested Exercises: - Sit at a table and relate this incident to an imaginary or a real friend sitting across from you. Do not read from the paper or try to memorize words. Use no notes. Simply talk the ideas in a natural, conversational tone.

2. Questions and Projects: - Read aloud the most effective of your threes stories. Discuss with listeners ways of making the story even more appealing.

3. Speech Drills: - Drilling alone, or with a few other students before an audience do the following exercises: - a. With an imaginary axe, chop wood while calling to the audience, "Timber, timber, timber!" Repeat.

As you can see this textbook is not like the usual dry textbook associated with public speaking tutorials. The necessary fundamentals are covered, but Dr Brown's use of humour and human interest, makes this an easy and enjoyable textbook to use.

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