Bollywood Flop Movies of 2008

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Bollywood gave some of the disappointing worst movies this year, 2008. The dusky beauty Priyanka Chopra is responsible in giving four of the biggest flops of 2008. Thank God, Fashion proved to be a saving grace.
Here is the list of Bollywood flop movies 2008:

1. Tashan: Director Sanjay Gadhvi showed that Dhoom series was a fluke as he completely made mincemeat of the movie Tashan. The movie was one big size zero, nothing in the movie impressed. Everyone in the movie looked like having an attitude problem and Anil Kapoor was difficult to understand than a Mission Impossible plot. Read review of Tashan

2. Love story 2050: Love Story 2050 released as a contender to Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na on July 4, 2008. While Jaane Tu skyrocketed, Love Story 2050 went down to pits. Perhaps no movie in Bollywood has such a hackneyed and foolish second half as Love Story 2050. Come to think of it, something was definitely wrong in her pretty head, when Priyanka Chopra said it was a great movie. We certainly hated her as a red haired moll. Her man...sorry Harman Baweja looked like a boy lost in the woods.

3. Drona: Another crap flop movie featuring Priyanka Chopra. Drona was touted as the next big superhero movie starring Abhishek Bachchan. Almost every movie critic thrashed the movie Drona left, right and center. With Abhishek Bachchan looking like a junior artiste, this superzero film made everyone rush out of the cinema. Read review of Drona

4. Kidnap: Sanjay Gadhvi has proved that Tashan's flop status was not a fluke. The movie lost focus on the story and trained its lens only on Minissha cleavage. So much to the extent that the candy floss lover Imran Khan was also shown ogling at Minissha's cleavage. What about the story? Forget it, the audience was held at ransom. Read Kidnap review.

5. Mission Istanbul: Mission Istanbul looked like a B-grade movie with Istanbul as a backdrop. Pathetic direction, lousy performances, irritating screenplay, nothing went right for Mission Istanbul. At no point could the audience relate to what was going on. Read review of Mission Istanbul.

6. Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic: Since the time Aditya Chopra decided to put bikinis and scantily clad women as the centrifugal force in his films, his movies have only succeeded at the groin level. Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic will go down as one of the worst children's movie. In fact, it is an insult to call it a children's movie when we have the very developed in the right places Amisha Patel strutting her stuff in a yellow bikini and enjoying some lazy lamhe on the side. And have you seen a sardarni angel? That's Rani for you. Read review of Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic

7. God Tussi Great Ho: Another Priyanka Chopra flop, this time she shares the honor with Salman Khan. The movie a very poor rip off of "Bruce Almighty"(even though the maker lied by telling it wasn't) certainly left a bad taste in the mouth. Total bore and a waste of time, everything in it was second hand as Priyanka Chopra's old nose ring.

8. Chamku: Priyanka Chopra's one more meaningless contribution to the box office. I am sure the lady will blush while reading this, she certainly has to differentiate between a good script and bad script. At least, she can choose a director with a better track record if she cannot judge a script. Anyway Chamku had Bobby Deol playing the wrong character 252nd time. Of course, what do you expect the audience to do?

9. Money Hai toh Honey Hai: Money Hai toh Honey Hai was rubbished by critics and audiences alike. It looked like the director Ganesh Acharya tried making something to fill in between the song videos.

10. Krazzy4: The producer Rakesh Roshan became poorer by 4 crores before the movie could even release, thanks to the music copyright infringement case filed by Ram Shankar. Krazzy 4 had three item numbers by Shahrukh Khan, Hrithik Roshan and Rakhi Sawant which were the only saving grace in the film. Among the above list of top 10 flops in Bollywood 2008, this is the only one which was marginally passable to watch.

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