The Power of the Quill

by Jackson Summerford - Date: 2007-01-19 - Word Count: 666 Share This!

Crafting the written word is no longer just for Shakespeare enthusiasts and Hemingway connoisseurs. Both literary buffs and those unfamiliar with the power of the written word have the god-given ability to put paper to pen. Whether it be an epic novel or an entertainment magazine, if you know how to read, you know how to write. And if you know how to write, you have a powerful way to share your knowledge with the world.

While writing can certainly be a death struggle for some at the beginning, it is a priceless skill, and well-worth investing in to further whatever endeavor you may seek. The power of the quill must not be underestimated. It has the ability to inform, deter, persuade, and change readers in ways the author may have never thought possible.

The Internet is perhaps the craft's greatest supporter. It has not only encouraged an overwhelming influx of new written material to be created, but it has also organized it in an accessible manner. The Internet has given writers the power to connect with readers who are actually interested in what they are writing about. Instead of blindly publishing articles, hoping it will catch the eye of a small handful of interested consumers, the Internet provides a direct portal to pertinent readers.

Article marketing has proven to be the leader in this form of Internet publishing. Writers who create content then form relationships with article distribution services in order to have their article published in everything from online newsletters to e-zines.

Chris Ellington, CEO of Article Marketer claims that this phenomenon has "created a new way to connect writers with readers." He goes on to say, "We've helped to build a digital library of knowledge for the world to share. Writers find that not only are they able to develop a readership base, they are also able to connect with those having similar interests. And all in a fraction of the time required even just five years ago."

Of course, the easy availability of this medium has its downside; anyone can write...and anyone does write. What some authors sadly overlook is the simple fact that one must SAY something. To truly leverage the power that the Internet bestows upon your virtual pen, you must craft a message that conveys real meaning and importance to the readers you wish to inform.

Savvy marketers understand that the message is the medium. Forgo the fast food burger approach, and serve your readers a carefully-prepared meal, complete with an appetizer and an irresistible dessert. Make it just so yummy that they'll come back next week for another fabulous meal. Before long, you'll have customers for life.

Business owners are becoming attuned to the importance of article marketing. They simply write articles about topics related to their business, subscribe to a distribution service, and watch their words become published in hundreds, even thousands, of places on the Web. When readers encounter these articles, they are enticed back to the author's website, thus increasing a company's site traffic dramatically.

"Article marketing is a true phenomenon," says Alan Guinn, Managing Director of The Guinn Consultancy Group Inc, advisor to worldwide clients and a commentator on cutting-edge marketing trends. "What better way to let the world know of a product, service, or webpage offering, than to share the offering and help others envision how it may best be used? It's the perfect blend of want and need. More importantly, it connects readers in a personal and profound way."

New writers are being born everyday as a steady stream of entrepreneurs discovers the potential of article marketing. A seemingly mammoth task to some, writing proves to be a skill that, once tapped, flows much more easily than many anticipate. When it comes to making or breaking a business, making the leap to article marketing proves to be a smart move for many business owners -- with considerable pay-offs.

Sharing your knowledge about a variety of subjects with an interested world -- what more could one ask than worldwide exposure for your message?

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