Gratitude Is Better Than Garbage Plus Use Anything But Hayt

by Stan "Mr. Fanta$tic" Billue, CSP - Date: 2007-12-21 - Word Count: 254 Share This!

POSITIVE TIP # 2 from Mr. Fanta$tic
Gratitude is better than Garbage !
Too many people waste their time and energy worrying about what they don't have, which in turn can lower their self-esteem, their self-image, and put them in a negative mind set. Instead, why not concentrate on the wonderful gifts we've been given and all of the positive things that we have to be thankful for.

A great idea is to make up a Gratitude List, which might include where we live, our health, our family, our abilities, and even our accomplishments, etc. The next time we have a tendency to start thinking about our failures or shortcomings, simply take out and start reading our Gratitude List.

SALES SKILL # 2 from Mr. Fanta$tic
Use anything but H.A.Y.T.
An easy way to vault into the top 5% of Sales Pros, is to avoid using words and phrases that have been so over-used and abused, that they can actually turn off Prospects and Customers. A great example would be the question; How are you today? By the way, always remember the initials could stand for HAYT.

Although I don't necessarily suggest a question within the first 5 seconds of a conversation, I've found that bad habits can be a challenge to stop. Since it's easier to change a bad habit, here are a few replacement questions:
Can you hear me OK? or
Am I pronouncing your name correctly? or
Could you stand some good news today? or
Are you having as good of a day as you sound?

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