Enema or Colon Cleansing Without Discomfort in Easy Steps

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Thanks to innovation colon cleansing can be carried out comfortably and conveniently by seating on a bidet seat that delivers enema function in the toilet. The conventional methods of colon cleansing include making use disposable enema or colonic procedure or by in take of herbs and medicine.

Both disposable enema and colonic procedure require inserting a tub into the rectum follow by injecting liquid in there. They are carried out with the user lying side way. The user is required to hold the liquid in the rectum for about 3 minutes before moving slowing to the toilet for releasing it along with the waste and feces from the rectum.

It is believed that colon cleansing helps detoxicate our body system. Our colon has a function to eliminate waste from our body. A clean colon ensures regular elimination of waste and helps effective processing of vitamins and minerals from the food that we eat.

The enema enabled bidet seat has a design that is capable of delivering enema conveniently in the toilet. The user seats on the bidet seat just the usual way. Just select Enema function on the control panel on the right side of the bidet seat. A nozzle that is specially designed for enema function will slowly extend to a position just underneath the anus. Aerated water will then eject from the tip of the nozzle onto the anus area. The user will need to make slight adjustment of the seating position so that the water is injected into the lower rectum. Turn off the water injection when lower rectum is filled with water by selecting stop position on the control panel. Hold the water in the rectum for about 30 seconds then apply some pressure at the lower rectum to push it out. Waste and feces are cleared along with the water. Give it about 2 minutes for all waste to slowly clear out.

The enema function from the enema enabled bidet seat is also very useful in helping occasional constipation problem. The water helps to soften the stools and lubricates the wall at the rectal area. It helps the user to have a smoother bowel movement. Compare to the disposable enema kit which require the user to insert a tub into the rectum, the enema enabled bidet seat is more comfortable and convenient to use. It is safe as it doesn't require inserting tub into rectum and water is used instead of lubricating liquid. However people with chronic constipation problem must seek treatment from a qualified doctor.


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