Using Myspace To Promote Your Business Presence

by Rich Henderson - Date: 2007-03-05 - Word Count: 431 Share This!

If you are thinking in terms of MySpace as being a great place to network with other business professionals and promote your business at the same time, you are right. The potential for expanding public awareness of your business through MySpace is virtually unlimited. However, if your profile is to stand out, there are a few basic ideas you need to keep in mind. First, you want your profile to be easy to load. You know from your own web searches that nothing is quite as exasperating as researching for a vendor on the Internet, finally coming across a likely prospect, only to find yourself having to navigate through animation and other bells and whistles. For people that want to get to solid information, including contact names, emails, and phone numbers, having to wade through slow loading special effects can be such a turn off that they back up and look elsewhere.

MySpace does allow for both fixed backgrounds as well as animated backgrounds. If you really want to make sure the page loads quickly (and if you are targeting a residential market, where dial-up connections are still the name of the game in many parts of the country), then you will want to go with the fixed background. Artfully created repeating backgrounds are great for many purposes, but if you want people to stop and read without visual distractions, keep it simple. The faster your page loads, the more quickly your potential customer will find out what you are all about. Second, don't use a lot of filler in your descriptions. You want to put a lot of fact in relatively little space. This allows people to quickly see what you do and how it can be helpful to them. Because of the blog feature on MySpace, you can easily include links to parts of your blog to expound on various points that you highlight on your home page. Keep the verbiage snappy and to the point.

Last, make sure the arrangement of information represents a logical succession of thought. As an example, if you are reselling teleconference services, don't begin with a laundry of list of how to make a conference call. Instead, lead off with information concerning the many ways people use conference calls. Once someone understands they need a conference call service, then you can educate them in proper conference call etiquette. Using a MySpace profile to further your business interests is a great idea. By paying attention to a few basic concepts, you can ensure your profile is attractive, readable, and easy for your potential customer to navigate.

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