Outdoor Gear For The Athletic Individual

by Victor Epand - Date: 2008-11-02 - Word Count: 541 Share This!

Do you have a friend or family member that is the athletic type? Do you ever wonder what to get them as a gift for their birthday, anniversary, or special holiday? Well have no fear because here are some great gift ideas for that athletic individual in your life.

Whether that special person in your life that you have to buy a gift for is a biker, runner, swimmer, back packer, boater, skier, or what ever faces their goat, there are some really cool outdoor gear that they will be please to receive. They will always prefer some thing that is functional and has a cool design, but small enough not to weigh them down when engaging in their athletic venture.

Now available on the market is a unique little sports watch that can remotely control an iPod, which enables the athlete to safely tuck away their iPod in their pocket so that they can run, paddle, or ski. This helps end all the hassle of having to fiddle with their iPod while they are on the move in their athlete activities. All the individual has to do is just tap buttons on this wonderful watch to either pause, play, change volume, or scroll up and down in their play list.

The buttons on this watch are winter friendly so that the individual can easily operate the buttons even if they have on gloves. It is also small, lightweight, and water resistant, which also includes regular sports functions such as a fifty lap memory, training log, countdown timer, two interval timers, night light, and three different alarms. This amazing watch works immediately without set up by simply plugging a transmitter into the bottom of any recent generation iPods or even iPhone.

One other handy gadget that has been developed to assist the outdoor athlete is an instant rope securing and tightening device that has a carabiner attached. This is a quick way to secure recreational items without ever having to tie any knots or use stretch cords. It is very helpful for pitching tents or tarps and for strapping kayaks and surfboards to either roof racks or truck beds. All the individual has to do is simply clip the carabiner to a fixed point and wrap the rope around the other end then pull tight. It has the capability of securing loads up to one hundred fifty pounds and then can be quickly clipped to either a standard roof or bike rack. There is also a smaller version that can hold up to fifty pounds as well.

Another great device that can assist in resistance workouts is a strength resistance device that is made of a loop of industrial latex stretch cord tubing that has two attached cushioned velcro handles. It is simple but extremely effective although it was originally designed for leg resistance exercises that was used by kick boxers with the cuffs securely strapped around the ankles. It does a surprisingly good job on the upper body muscles as well such as pec flies and one arm rows. There are many other exercise that are available on the instruction chart that is included as well as several thirty second tutorials. It also has a five color keyed resistance levels that are available as well.

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