What Is The Alkaline Diet Chart?

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Recently the alkaline diet is gaining more and more popularity. The concept of this diet is based upon natural or holistic healing methods which are known and understood for quite some time. Lately this type of diet has been gaining popularity not just among health nuts but even amongst people who are not health freaks but increasingly becoming aware of the diet options . To simplify the matter for the health conscious people I decided to make an alkaline diet chart which is intended to differentiate between alkaline and acidic foods. Alkaline foods are considered to be healthy and acidic foods should be avoided.

Alkaline Diet Chart:
Highly Alkaline Foods According to the Alkaline Diet Chart

We can include the following foods in this category. Tangerine, pineapple, watermelon raspberry, nectarine are some of the fruits. Lotus Root, lentils, Seaweed, onion, sweet potato, lime, pumpkin seeds, sea vegetables are some of the vegetables and baking soda, mineral water, persimmon are amongst other things qualifying as highly alkaline foods.

Moderately Alkaline Foods according to the Alkaline Diet Chart

Amongst moderately alkaline foods we can include kambucha, broccoli, ginger, garlic, parsley, pepper, grapefruit, dewberry, loganberry, cantaloupe, citrus fruits, olive, parsnip, non-sulfured molasses, soy sauce, cashews, honeydew, kale, endive, kohlrabi, chestnuts, mustard green, arugula.

Low Alkaline Forming Foods According to the Alkaline Diet Chart

The foods listed below will qualify as low alkaline foods. Sesame seed, bell pepper, cabbage, cauliflower, collard greens, , mushrooms, avocado, potato, eggplant, sprouts, cherry, blackberry, peach, ginseng, papaya, sour apples, apple cider sake, primrose, apple cider vinegar, rutabaga, are some of the fruits and vegetables and almonds, mu tea, rice syrup amongst others.

Very Low Alkaline Forming Foods According to the Alkaline Diet Chart

This category of food includes variety of foods like blueberry , raisin, currant, wild rice, japonica rice, chive, cilantro, umeboshi vinegar, ghee, avocado oil, coconut oil, olive oil, flax oil , most seeds, duck eggs, celery, cucumber, turnip greens, beet, lettuces, strawberry, banana, orange, brussel sprouts, oats, grain coffee.

Very Low Acid Forming Foods According to the Alkaline Diet Chart:

The foods and drink listed below are classified as low acid forming foods according to the Alkaline Diet chart.

Alcohol, chard, plum, farina, elk, lamb, spelt, game mear, wheat, lima beans, teff, kamut, farina, semolina, white rice, cow milk, balsamic vinegar, milk, seitan, pinto beans, aduki beans, tofu, navy beans, white beans, shell fish, mutton, black tea, vanilla, boar, mollusks, buckwheat, almond oil, safflower, soy cheese, aged cheese, tomatoes, red beans, sesame oil, almond oil.

Moderately Acid Forming Foods According to the Alkaline Diet Chart

The below mentioned food are moderately acid forming foods. Coffee, cranberry, pecans, squid, maize, kernel oil, chestnut oil, corn, casein, milk protein, soy milk, lard, oat bran, chicken, green peas, peanuts, pomegranate, barley groats, nutmeg, pistachios, garbanzo beans, pork, mussels, rye, legumes, veal. Once consumed they form acid on digestion but in moderate amount.

Highly Acid Forming foods to avoid at all costs!

The most harmful foods are the once which form high amount of acid after consumption. This food type are most unhealthy and should be avoided. Most of them are the ones with high artificial sugar content and various other additives. Pudding, fried foods, walnuts, jam, sweeteners, beer, cola, walnuts, hazelnuts, table salt, ice cream, soybean, beef, hops, malt, soft drinks, vinegar, processed cheese, lobster, sugar, barley, cottonseed oil, pheasant fall into this category.

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