Stop Smoking - The Psychological Loss

by Tim Whiston - Date: 2007-04-22 - Word Count: 330 Share This!

Often times it is not the physical symptoms, but the psychological ones that bother smokers the most on their road to recovery. The cigarettes have become a friend and a habit that many come to love. You are also giving up the image you have of yourself as a smoker. Maybe you felt more attractive, artistic or interesting when you smoked. Perhaps it was something you did in private mostly, but it always made you feel better. Whatever smoking was to you, it was apart of your life and something that you will greatly miss.

As you mourn the loss of your old friend, nicotine, remember that you are in control. You are being responsible and good to yourself and to the people around you by choosing to quit smoking. So remember to reward yourself for each success that you'll experience.

Try to keep yourself busy while you are quitting to keep your mind off of smoking as much as possible. Paint a room, organize your closet or bake something delicious. Try to be prepared for times when you might backslide. Avoid certain friends for a period of time, and don't go to bars or any place where there is a lot of smoking. Do the opposite! Go to places where you feel rewarded for not smoking. Sit in the non-smoking section of a restaurant. Hang out with kids and feel good about the fact that you're not forcing them to breathe in second-hand smoke.

When you do feel the urge to smoke. Ask yourself, "What emotion am I having that's making me want a cigarette?" Identify the emotion and choose an activity that has the same outcome for you. For instance, if you are stressed, do some gentle stretches or take a walk. If you are bored, find something to do that doesn't require much out of you like cleaning out your car.

Most of all, remember to be forgiving of yourself and keep on trying if you don't succeed the first time.

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