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Search engine marketing is the easiest and most transparent way to help your online success,
reaching and increasing qualified traffic to your website. "Pay Per Click" advertisement has
proven to be one of the major aspects of online success in todays market.

Search Engine Marketing Benefits:

* Only subject or industry relevant Ads are shown when a search query has been made.
* You the advertiser only pay if someone clicks on your ad
* Sponsored or Pay Per Click
Advertisement guarantees your search engine presence
* Sponsored marketing can be measured precisely
* With Pay Per Click you are paying for qualified traffic and not just page impressions
* Marketing or Advertising using pay per click is both cost effective and has a high level
of transparency
* Search engine marketing is structured around a performance model
* Pay per click can increase Brand or Corporate awareness
* Sponsored campaigns are created to fit your industry sector
* Sponsored links and Pay per click is an accurate form of "Lead Generation"
* Correct use of high quality content copy used for landing pages increases your ROI

Search engine optimisation and search engine
marketing lead to the same thing. Whereby SEO or
on-page optimisation is based upon long term natural search engine success, SEM using sponsored
Ads, banner advertisement and PPC helps to create immediate recognisable results.

Benefits of combining SEO & SEM:

* Recieving qualified traffic
* Increasing the CTR
* Increasing the conversion rate of the online presence
* Natural long term search positions
* Site relevancy within the search engines

To be successful within the search engines and generally within the net a combination of both
aspects need to be applied to improve and allow your site to be found within the net.

The use of sponsored Ads and or pay per click
can and will help with not only one campaign but
with all campaigns that follow. Filtering and analysing results that come back from the
advertising can and will help with choosing industry relevant keywords / key phrases.

The creation of appropriate user friendly landing pages can also be evaluated, if they produce
the effect that they are supposed to. If not then this can be changed and analysed on a regular
on-going basis.

Internet Marketing Consultancy Services

In general project begin starts with the client phoning or emailing us reference a talk about
on-page SEO or internet marketing. With this initial contact Creative Xperience will arrange a
time for one of our SEM consultants to contact and carry out a full consultation with the client.

Before work can begin with any client, specific information about services need to be collected
and evaluated. These points need to be assessed so that Creative Xperience can have an insight
into your business and business needs, the information is simple and easy to follow.

With the information provided a full conultancy service can be applied. This service could
combine written information about problems within the website build, back-end coding problems
etc. We will advise on industry relevant keywords and keyphrases, carry out a competitor
analysis on your direct competition and not those found in the top results within the search
engines (depending on your industrial niche). All of these aspects are important, Creative
Xperience are direct speakers and will tell you what the problems are with your site and not
beat around the bush.
Web Consultancy Today

The internet is ever growing. Companies that would like a piece of the cake are creating online
sites with the hope of an income through traffic. The majority of smaller companies will fail
due to inexperience and lack of online marketing knowledge. The major of companies carry out
online marketing with one purpose "traffic" to create a substanial ROI.

The majority of companies that are successful within the internet, these companies may well be
your competition, carry out extensive marketing. Be it in the form of PPC, banner Ads,
sponsored links or on-page search engine optimisation.
To stay ahead with your search engine
marketing strategy you need to be informed about the latest trends and how to implement them
successfuly within your own site.

If you have a "webmaster" or an "internet agency" that looks after your website, then please
let us know, as we can then when all information is brought together speak directly to those
who work within the site. the other advantage of having your own webmaster is that he/she has
knowledge about your industry, this can help us gather precise and accurate information,
helping us to increase the factors that will help your online business strategy.

With all consultancy work completed and an agreement has been made, Creative Xperience will
send you a proposal of work that we can provide, including times, costing and expectancy.

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