Dehydration May be the Cause of your Health Problem

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Indigestion, ulcers, kidney problems, urinary tract infections, fatigue, dry skin, headaches, constipation, joint problems... The list could go on and on. What do all these ailments have in common? If you have any of these conditions, it very well could be dehydration, which is more common than people realize.

"Dehydration" means not taking enough water into the body. If you are not drinking at least one quart for every 50 pounds of body weight, then you are not giving your body enough of the vital "fluid of life" we call water.

Most people would ask "Why is water so important?" Normally the body is made up of more than 70 percent water. The body needs water to carry out its many functions, including formation of blood and lymph to carry nutrients and oxygen to every cell of the body and to take away wastes and carbon dioxide that can accumulate to toxic levels if not eliminated.

Consider that at least 66 percent, or two-thirds, of Americans don't drink enough water, and 10 percent don't drink any water at all. Most people take better care of their car than they do their own body. They wouldn't dare run their car's engine without water and motor oil. But a car is just a machine that wears out and is then discarded. A person's body should be more important to them than that.

Water is essential, just like breathing air. Our body can go without food for much longer than it can without water. So water is fundamental to being healthy. Taking in enough clean water should be the first thing to consider when adopting a program to improve health, before anything else, including nutrition and vitamins. Without water, no other health measure will have much benefit.

For those who refuse to take in enough water, eventually it will catch up with them when their body begins to break down and one or more of the symptoms listed above show up. Then they will want a magic pill to try and fix things, or maybe then they will start to listen to their body. Can you hear your body calling: "Water. Please, give me water."

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