Dating, My Experiences of Meeting Mature Women

by JOE DAVIDSON - Date: 2008-07-02 - Word Count: 418 Share This!

It is said that boys are always attracted towards girls younger to them. But I have always fantasized about mature women. They are compassionate and caring and, perhaps, this is the reason that have been driven me towards grown-up and mature women. I still remember those days when I was in the 8th grade and always running after senior girls. Keley, the girl I was chasing after, was really amazing and And I had always found a spark in her eyes. She was smart and beautiful, sophisticated and elegant. But I used to go wild at her sight just because she was mature. I find it funny these days but I had made card for her and on Valentines Day I slyly slipped it into her locker. Though I was skeptical about being discovered, the consequence was in my favor. She kissed on my cheek and I can still feel it fresh there. My joy knew no bound that day. I have ever dated only mature women since then as I find them exciting intellectually and sexually.

I turned 27 this year. You may find it surprising, but, though I find many mature women of my age, I don't find any girl interesting below the age of 33. Perhaps my perception of mature women, who I date with, is someone elder to me. The girl I have been seeing for last 3 months on a free online dating site is 35 years old and very loving and caring. She is working as an executive in a law firm and I like her because she takes her work and relations seriously. Barely have we met till date to be named as "couple", but we are seeing each other in the free online dating site.

My expectation is to go with the next level with her. However, Meeting her personally and getting a brilliant and mature woman like her around me will be a pleasure in itself, and I am sure it will elevate my personal standards. After meeting her I have realized that my passion for mature women will never come down anyways. Do you think it is right to go ahead with this mature woman?

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