Prince Heads Michael Jackson Tribute At Monaco World Music Awards

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Not long after the untimely death of Michael Jackson, Prince will present a tribute to the King of Pop this autumn in Monaco. Some fans think that Prince is the least likely candidate to cover the late Michael Jackson's hits. Still others feel that Prince can pull off such a feat as few others could.

Monaco was long favoured as the location of choice for the World Music Awards. The ceremony returns to the small but wealthy principality this fall. Here Prince will perform his much talked about tribute to Michael Jackson.

With titles like Prince and King of Pop, no location better fits the regal overtones of this extravaganza. Monaco, Monte Carlo in particular, has long been a destination of the rich and famous as well as the world's royalty.

Monaco has an abundance of regular attractions available as well: it hosts one leg of the Grand Prix race circuit each year and the Monte Carlo casino is a Mecca to gamblers the world over. In short, Monaco is no stranger to high profile events and elite visitors.

The unexpected death of Michael Jackson in June has prompted a flurry of tributes to the former King of Pop. Television documentaries, artist covers and concerts have been forthcoming on a regular basis in the weeks since his passing. Suspicions surrounding Jackson's addictions and those who helped him obtain his substances of choice have helped fuel these events.

Some of these tribute events have been less flattering than others. Some may be considered downright ridiculous, little more than grabs for advertising dollars. Still, the desire of true Michael Jackson fans to fittingly honour the fallen star continues.

Legitimate and dignified events, such as the World Music Awards in Monaco, offer such fitting venues. Producers of the upcoming Prince tribute to Michael Jackson have been somewhat tight-lipped as to what songs will be performed. However, it has been revealed that Jackson's sister, artist Janet Jackson, will accept an award on her brother's behalf.

Both Prince and Michael Jackson had particularly illustrious careers at the height of their popularity in the 1980s. They frequently rivalled for spots on the billboard pop charts. Both catered to sold out venues during music tours in the '80s.

This very rivalry gives both Prince and Jackson fans pause. It might have been hard for anyone back in the '80s to envision Prince paying tribute to the King of Pop. Yet, the two had a similar effect on pop music history. Given the contemporary nature of their careers, Prince may be one of the most fitting to present such a tribute.

The forum itself will be something of a bittersweet one. Michael Jackson himself performed at the World Music Awards in London back in 2006. His appearance was to have been something of a comeback, one of several such 'comeback' appearances during those years.

The much-touted World Music Award performance by Jackson was to have featured him performing his hit 'Thriller.' It was reported at the time that hundreds of Jackson fans paid several hundred dollars for tickets to hear 'Thriller.'

Instead, producers pulled the song from Jackson's own line-up. It was instead performed by Chris Brown. The King of Pop performed a roughly thrown-together version of 'We are the World' with an ad hoc choir. The two performances elicited boos from disappointed Jackson fans.

Critics wonder if fans might have had a different feeling in 2006 if they'd had the benefit of seeing into the future. The question likely won't be answered. It's probably a safe bet that fans at this year's Monaco World Music Awards will respond more favourably to the Michael Jackson tribute.

Other artists who will be appearing at the Monaco World Music Awards this fall include Avril Lavigne, Celine Dion, 50 Cent, Ciara and Nickleback. The star-studded event will draw all kinds of fans. However, Prince's Michael Jackson tribute will likely be one of the biggest highlights of the event and put the spotlight on Monte Carlo.

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