Plastic Surgery: What to Expect Before and After

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When many people think of plastic surgery they immediately think of before and after pictures. The dramatic changes that plastic surgery can provide are certainly exciting. However, there is a great deal of work on the part of both the patient and his or her doctors that has to be accomplished before the surgery is performed. Furthermore, patients must prepare for a period of healing that can take as long as many months after their plastic surgery. But when all of this research, work and care are done properly, the results can be dramatically life-changing.

Preparing for Your Surgery

First of all, make sure that you are a good candidate for the type of plastic surgery that you are interested in. Do your homework and make sure that you understand all of the risks that the surgery poses as well as all of the benefits. Then, get in touch with your primary care physician to make sure that he or she agrees you are a good candidate for the plastic surgery. After you have done these things, do an extensive search to find a qualified plastic surgeon with whom you feel comfortable. Make sure that your surgeon completely understands your medical history, your reasons for the surgery and your expectations.

Knowing What to Expect from Your Surgery

Although plastic surgery can change the way you look and, thus, the way that you feel about yourself, it is important to have realistic expectations. Have a very candid discussion with your plastic surgeon about what kind of results you can expect from your surgery in the months and years ahead. Also, get in touch with other people who have had the surgery and learn about their experiences. There are some support groups dedicated to people preparing for and who have undergone specific types of plastic surgery.

After Your Surgery

Depending on the type of plastic surgery you undergo, your recovery time will vary from days to weeks, perhaps even months. Be sure that you have scheduled some time to heal and that you have someone to assist you in the first few days after your procedure. While some plastic surgery procedures require minimal healing time, even the most minor changes to one's appearance can take a while to become emotionally comfortable with.

In general, minor changes like eyelid lifts and chemical peels are not followed by an intense period of emotional adjustment; rather, patients are simply pleased to see a younger, fresher-looking version of themselves in the mirror. A dramatic facial or body change, however, can take quite some getting used to. It is not uncommon for patients to seek emotional counseling after surgery, once their appearance has changed so drastically. Although patients may be pleased with their new look, the change often brings about some emotional issues that require attention.

Post-Operative Depression

While some people are immediately elated after their procedure, many people feel some feelings of sadness or depression after plastic surgery. Having weight loss surgery, for example, might bring about feelings of remorse for not being able to lose the weight in another manner. The reasons for post-operative depression are as varied as the reasons for choosing plastic surgery. If your feelings of depression do not lift within three days after your surgery, get in touch with your doctor.

Handling Criticism After Your Plastic Surgery

Many people have strong feelings about plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery. Once you have gone through the procedure, you may experience some criticism from the people in your life. Make sure that you are prepared for this before your surgery. If you feel that there is anyone who is particularly against your plastic surgery, you may want to avoid contact with them in the time period directly after your procedure.

Before and After Photos

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Once of the best ways to see the true results of your plastic surgery is to take before and after plastic surgery photos . Try to take the before and after photos from the same angles so that you can completely see the difference. Also, remember that before and after photos of other patients are a good way to develop your expectations for your own procedure. For before and after photos of many different types of plastic surgery, visit Remember, the best way to have a successful cosmetic plastic surgery is to do your homework and prepare properly.

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