Relational Power Manifest

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Is there a shortcut to true power and character change? After all, the women you desire are primordially testing you on your relational power and expect any man they'll sleep with to be at least equal in relational power to them.

If he is 'comfortable in his own skin' or equal or greater in power and 'being' in relation to HER, THEN she can open up to him because she can trust his nonverbal physical congruence.

(As humans) we are each and all relationally equal, we just let different types of less than ideal relationships to happen to us.

That's why you've not gotten the success you've wanted in the past. Mating today is primarily about relational's a power game upfront now and that's all.

Pass that test (continually and habitually) by just accepting your own independent and relational power and you will massively attract women more than any pheromones.

We are all relational equals.

If you want to enhance your 'inner game' I recommend leveraging truth itself because when you have cognition of truth and accept it, it's power can easily extend beyond belief and beyond your own limitations.

You could repeat something like this..make it an incantation if you will.

"I am relationally equal to the most beautiful and powerful people on earth because I am one. They are one."

The leverage of truth is a shortcut to strong physiological change.

You can harness it because it's power is much greater than anyone's own personality or uniqueness.

As human's we are each a living miracle. We are each comprised of miraculous internal interdependent systems and astounding facts that support our life.

And that alone is tremendous value.

You can be a Brad Pitt, Bill Gates, Nelly Furtado or the guy down the hall yet we are all human. We all have the same basic biological necessities such as food, water and defecation (had to say it).

We are 'one' in that sense and as humans we are each equal. Each of us has unlimited potential to influences others through relationships of all sorts.

The amazing secret to power and success with women is to always remain relationally equal to all people at all times, before you would ever approach them.

That means that you are ALWAYS comfortable in your own skin because you won't allow any perceptions, co-dependencies, coercions or dis-empowerment to get in the way of your power.

When you can accept your true relational power, you will be comfortable not only in your own skin when you're around yourself but also when you're around the most powerful people.

They will notice and they will respect you. You physiology will continue to convey that you only see them as an equal. That's how powerful relationships can begin.

Other people of power have to 'trust you' in order to open a relationship up with you that means anything. The same thing goes with women.

If you don't have relational power or power in 'relation to' a hot, sexy woman when you are in front of her and nonverbally/verbally communicating, you're already losing.

She unconsciously and instantly pegs you as below her when she won't open up to anyone unless he is at least an equal.

Once she can see that you have physical congruence and your body represents the strength of your reality that you aren't afraid of or intimidated by (the power she represents and) her, THEN she can start being more interested in you.

She has to trust you to be comfortable in your own skin, then it's quite easy to accelerate and develop a relationship from there.

Once you represent relational power, then S.O.N.A.R.R. will commence and the relationship can proceed to the aspect you want it to be in; that of stimulus-response or growing attraction to you.

Relational power goes beyond personal authority and 'inner game' because it represents the truth of who you are in relationship to a woman and when it comes to sex or ever getting any, that is ALL that matters here.

Many a man have strong inner beliefs and self-esteem but they crack down and start becoming nervous and shifty when they 'response' to a beautiful woman. That relational truth is quite apparent to her and it doesn't matter what words his mouth is saying.

All that matters is who he is in FRONT OF HER and in continuing to communicate to her so she can determine whether she can further be attracted to him. THAT is relational power. It's basically REMAINING high in character and actually BEING yourself at all times around all people.

Don't even think of 'acting' it; it's a waste of time, wrong mindset completely and will get you rejected.

Female intuition will see through to the truth (in an open and non-socially distorted environment or when isolated with her), although they'll often give leeway to guys who are in between and/or working on it (not seduction, but character building who have some quality attributes of higher character).

So when it comes to attraction and seducing women (in a win/win way), learn to truly BE comfortable in your own skin. BE that guy who never gives up his power when he is around other people and all of a sudden you're powerful too!

Then it's easy to just be 'natural' around anyone and take relational authority to tell a good story and get people laughing and more interested in you, especially the women.

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