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These days sunglasses for women reflect a lot more than the sun. They reflect a women`s inner soul and her inner beauty. There are literally hundreds of styles and lots of designers who make sunglasses their livelihood. With new styles coming out ever season, it is easy to see why many women have more than one pair. Whether they are for winter wear or bright and sunny summer wear, there is a pair to suit every whether condition, activity and taste.

There are many different kinds of sunglasses shapes to choose from. The aviator is a style that almost looks like cop glasses from the seventies. They feature skinny wire arms and long triangle shaped lenses. These glasses have been seen by celebrities in magazines or on TV. And while they look great on movie stars, they really have to suit the right person`s face to pull off the look. The butterfly is another popular sunglass shape for women. These glasses have frames that are bigger at the top and skinnier toward the bottom. They often represent a sexy and playful look on younger women.

The cat eye look is a look brought back from the sixties. During that period, women wore large hair styles and huge glasses with colored frames. And although women are not increasing the hairspray in their hair, they are opting for the larger glasses with big frames in a cat`s eye shape. They too, offer a sexy look.

Some glasses come in an oval shape. They are ideal for people with long faces because the glasses tend to cover some of the long look of the face. The Oval also helps to protect the entire eye during direct contact with the sun. The rectangle shaped glasses is one that provides lots of sun protection for the entire width of the eye and the sensitive area of skin around the eyes that is prone to wrinkles. This style of glasses is perfect for any shaped face.

Rimless glasses are very popular and look amazing. Often many people chose this kind of look because they don`t want rims around their eyes. To some people it can be distracting and some feel it doesn`t flatter their own particular face.

There are round shaped glasses that are ideal on a round small face. These glasses have been very common for years and have continued through the decades as being one of the most popular selling glasses.

Square shaped glasses seem to be a popular style right now. They can be seen in many designer`s portfolios as being what is currently in style.

Women`s sunglasses can also feature frames of many different colors. You can find them in black or red or any shade of blue. Women love the fact that they have choice when selecting a pair of sunglasses and can either make a bold statement or have a pair to match any outfit they chose.

Not only can you choose the frame`s color, you can also pick the color of lens you want. This color can range from black, brown and gray to something brighter like, gold`s, purples and pinks. Many women enjoy the concept of having color on their frames; it helps to add to the glamor that can come from wearing sunglasses in the first place.

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