5 Tips To Profit From Your Catalog

by Colleen Davis - Date: 2010-02-11 - Word Count: 493 Share This!

Here are ways to increase the effectiveness of your catalog printing. Browse through them and decide what you can use to improve on your lackluster print catalogs:

1. Let them walk - a lot! - in your catalog.

According to a research, it's actually not how much time a shopper spends that determines how much he or she will be spending in a particular store. It's how far he or she can walk. This means then that the farther the shopper walks inside a supermarket for example, the more he or she will spend buying items and products.

In your catalog printing, this would mean that you should be able to make your target readers keep on moving through your pages so they can look at the products on every page. Don't stop them dead on their tracks with a copy and design that are so boring. Entice them to go from one page to the next with teasers and gimmicks that would eventually convince them of your products' worth.

2. Get them to touch, smell and feel your products…almost.

When the senses are involved, the easier it would be to convince your target readers of your offer. Although it would be more difficult to do to actually get your readers to hold or touch your products in your pages, you can add the effects to your design. You can include the scratch-the-paper-and-sniff technique. Or put the actual size in the image of your product so your target readers would know how big or how small the product. You can also include the texture of the product so they will know how it would feel against their skin.

Moreover, you can write descriptions in detail in your copy to describe your product. As not everything has a smell (e.g. software programs), descriptive content can go a long way in making your target clients see, feel, hear, smell and touch your offer.

3. Place your bestseller in front.

By doing so, you are giving more chances for your target clients to see what would best benefit them in your business. Tell them your most popular products and list them in your top 10 box. They would seem more appealing if you highlight them in one of your pages.

4. Sell your products in bulk.

You can effectively convince your readers to buy not just one but a dozen of your melons if you put a limit to how many or how much the client can buy. By letting them know that there's a limit to what a person can buy from the catalogs, the more your readers would be convinced that it's a good deal indeed if you are offering a discount or a sale with limits.

5. Give your readers a reason to buy your products.

You can have dramatic effects on your sales if you can increase the number of situations that your product can be used by your readers. By doing so, you are increasing your brand sales by marketing your product as a necessity.

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