Wedding - The Grandest Day in a Couple's Life

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There are so many occasions that we celebrate, and for all of these moments, good preparation usually ensures perfection. This is very much true in wedding preparations, and these preparations do take a much longer time than the wedding day itself. However, for all the preparation weddings take, there are some things that are usually forgotten.

Her Gift, His Gift

When I say wedding gift, I do not mean the wedding gifts that the couple receive from their guests. I mean the "wedding gifts" that are given by the couple to each other. I do not mean "giving themselves to each other" as the wedding gift itself; they can also give a little something to each other to remember the day by.

A perfect wedding gift for the bride usually is jewelry. Yes, she will have the wedding ring, but he can also give her a necklace to complement the ring or a simple bracelet with their names engraved. Likewise, the bride can give the groom a wonderful pair of cufflinks to go with his tuxedo during their wedding day. If they want to save some money, it can be a simple 'note' that says 'massage,' and he or she can claim it not during the wedding night itself but on a day when he or she really wants or needs it. It can even be a note that says 'romantic dinner for two.'

Do Not Forget the Shoes

This is the one thing that is usually chosen at the last minute. When choosing the wedding gown or tuxedo, always think of the perfect wedding shoes that will complement it. For the bride, she can have it custom-made to fit her wedding gown, perhaps using some of the materials used in the gown instead of looking in countless shoe stores and malls, or she can even have it done with the same pattern of embroidery found in her wedding gown.

However, if you are a practical kind of bride, go for those shoes that you can reuse later on. Just remember, choose the pair of shoes that you will be comfortable wearing since it is a long and special occasion. You will be on your feet and dancing a good part of the night, and you would definitely not want sore feet during that event to take away some of the fun. This also goes for the groom's wedding shoes.

So Many Flowers to Choose From

Yes…there are a lot of flowers to choose from, and it can be very daunting to go into a florist shop with no idea of what kind of flower you want during your wedding. The vast choices of flowers can also give you a headache. Thus, before you go into a florist shop, you can use the Internet to browse through different kinds of bridal bouquets and floral arrangements. You can even print them out and show them to your florist. If choosing the flower is really difficult for you, listen to your florist as they know what they are talking about but do voice out what you want to make the floral arrangements and bouquets more personal.

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