Avoid Harm From City Water With A Carbon Water Filter

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The side effects of drinking unfiltered water are not good. There are too many contaminates in it and is loaded with chemicals that are not good for the body. The hazards are so many; most people just do not realize it. Granted a lot of people do drink bottled water now days, but some do not want to fill up the land fills. A carbon water filter can get rid of so many impurities making if safer to drink.

Most tap water is loaded with the chemicals such as iron, chlorine, sulfide and iron and not filtered can do great harm to the body. Many diseases can come about using unfiltered water. It is quite scary to hear about all of the effects it has. Many of the water filters today eliminate those poisons, giving you clear, good tasting water.

Carbon has been known for hundreds of years to filter water and the air. It is said to be the oldest way to filter water for drinking. Some people even say using unfiltered water to shower or to wash clothes will harm the skin and deeper. Filters used at home have either granular activated carbon, or even better the powdered block carbon, having more carbon. The more the carbon, the better the filter will be.

Carbon filtering is a way that employs a piece of carbon, activated to remove the impurities and contaminates. The bacteria are then soaked up and leave good tasting water. Volatile organic compounds and sediment is mostly gone, if not all gone. And the chlorine that is so prevalent in tap water is almost non existent.

Drinking water from the tap without a filter may cause people to get sick. Carbon has been used for many years. It probably started with the Romans as they loved their baths. Unfiltered water can do a lot of damage even using it as bath water or doing laundry. It is known that drinking unfiltered water, in time, place people at high risk for so many different illnesses.

Every household should have a water filtering system, if only for drinking the tap water. Too much fluoride in the water will turn young childrens teeth a yellowish brown color. The teeth are healthy but the discoloration is noticeable and a lot of the children and parents do not like it. Even using filtered water at the office is good. People know they are drinking good safe water.

Water filters are not expensive, not unless you put them all over your house, then it adds up. But it would be worth that cost to get good tasting and clear water. And they are extremely easy to install, when buying one or two or ten, be sure to read the instructions and you should not have any problems.

A carbon water filter is the way to go for the home. It saves your health not to mention it tastes wonderful. Everyone will thank you once they get used to the fresh clean water that comes out of the tap.

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