Bonding with Your Baby

by Thomas Straub - Date: 2007-02-25 - Word Count: 377 Share This!

With some time and patience, you and your baby can form a close bond together. While it is true, you do not yet know your baby, you already love them deeply and are greatly motivated to become closer.

Bonding with your baby can do done in several ways, any one of which are easy and enjoyable for the both of you.

Talking to Your Baby

Telling your baby about; your day, discussing what you like and do not like, or even sharing what you think are important beliefs and values is one of the best methods you can do to bond with your baby. If this feels uncomfortable, just pick out a book, magazine or a newspaper and read to them from any part that you find interesting.

In order for your baby to get to recognize your voice you can begin by singing and talking. This will let your baby hear you in your everyday, natural tones. Your baby will find the tone of your voice soothing as it becomes accustomed to it.

Another easy way to start, is by talking about anything around you or outside. For example, describe the everyday objects within the room you are in.

When you enter the room, your baby will begin to listen for your particular voice and enjoy not only hearing you, but listening to sounds in general. With your loving voice, you have taught your baby that the idea of sounds and tones are pleasant.

Massaging Your Baby

Another good way to bond with your baby is by touch. A child birthing class can show you how to massage your baby. It is being suggested more and more by practitioners, as a stress free, relaxing way to become closer to your baby.

The feeling of your skin against theirs will be very enjoyable to your baby. You will be touching your baby often anyway, when bathing, nursing and changing them, making this a very practical way to bond with your young child.

These simple methods of bonding, are just a few of the many ways to begin to bond with your baby. Bonding with your baby ought to build slowly, in order to grow the trust between you. With early bonding, this trust may be felt for many years or even the rest of both your lives.

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