The Secret Art Of Writing A Professional Sounding Rap Song

by Kevin Cox - Date: 2006-12-23 - Word Count: 369 Share This!

Writing a rap song is not as easy as you may think. There are many aspects that go into writing a good sounding rap song. These aspects may go unnoticed to the listener, but it is in essence what can make or break a rap song. One of these aspects is how much syllables you rhyme with. If you rhyme with only one syllable its likely to sound like a novice wrote it, also known in the Hip Hop culture as "Nursery Rhymes". If you rhyme with too much syllables it is likely not to make any sense, witch is just as bad as making up your own words to rhyme with. The recommended approach is to rhyme two to four syllables, and have at lease one rhyme every two bars. A bar is when the snare in an instrumental or beat hits twice. A rap verse usually has sixteen bars and a hook usually has eight bars. This means that in a verse the snare will usually hit thirty two times, and in a hook it will hit sixteen times. In some instrumentals or beats the snare might have a change up. When this happens you will have to estimate when you think the snare would of hit. This is not hard to do if you can rhyme on beat. Another aspect to writing a good sounding rap song is to rhyme a multi syllable word with two or more one syllable words. An example of this is to rhyme the word "activate" with the words "pack a plate". This is a good way to avoid using the same words over and over again. If you are ever stuck and can't think of words that rhyme, you can use a rhyme chart to find out what words to use. A good website to find a rhyme chart is which is highly recommended. They also have good instrumentals and beats that are not too expensive. There is no orthodox way of writing a rap song but if you use some of the aspects you read about here, there is a good chance you will be writing good and professional sounding rap songs in a small matter of time.

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The best site to find a rhyme chart is this site also has good instrumentals and beats. Thank you and enjoy.

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