Choosing a Plush Toy for a Toddler

by Ajeet Khurana - Date: 2007-05-23 - Word Count: 417 Share This!

Most toddlers go nuts over plush toys. When my brother was three, he went everywhere with what looked to me like an over-weight cat a missing eye. It went with him to the backyard; it was with him watching his favorite shows on TV; it accompanied us for meals at the dining table; and finally cuddled up with his toddler owner to sleep. I think it was my brother's security blanket -- a friend for all seasons. So when I had to pick up a gift for my best friend's two year old daughter's second birthday, it was a no-brainer. I would get her a plush toy!

However, now comes the tough part. How do you go about getting that perfect plush toy for a kid that has just barely developed taste buds, let alone preferences? Well, I suppose, this is where the cuteness factor comes in. Pick a toy that makes you go "Oh! How adorable!" But bear in mind factors such as: Is the child afraid of dogs? Would she want to hug a rabbit with a hard plastic guitar?

If you ask me, it is best to get a plush toy that looks and feels simple. If you are buying a plush toy for a toddler, rest assured that he or she will be extremely happy with a traditional teddy bear or an elephant that is as soft as one can get. The softer the toy, the more likely will the toddler be to shower it with loads of love and affection.

Of course, you must look out for a plush toy of good quality. This would include comparing the material of different plush toys, assessing the quality of the stitching, and making sure that the eyes, nose and other parts of the toy are not loose. Toddlers are especially prone to swallowing anything they see. You would not want to gift a choking hazard would you?

Even after having gone through this process of finding the best plush toys, there is no guarantee that the plush toy that you are gifting will be a big hit with the toddler. As it is, giving gifts is a difficult art to master. The difficulty level gets multiplied several times over when the receiver of the gift is two or three years old. But take comfort in the thought that even if you did not gift the kid a toy that he would take everywhere, at least you have finally experienced the complicated process of getting a gift for a toddler.

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