Which Adoption Agency is Right for You?

by Jason Gluckman - Date: 2007-01-08 - Word Count: 455 Share This!

Adopting a child is an intensely private matter which needless to say, can be emotionally draining for the parents. With this being the case, choosing the right adoption agency is an important task that requires parents to make a checklist of things to be looked into before availing the services of one. To begin with, you need to make a list of adoption agencies you are looking at. You need not only go through the local yellow pages. You can do a comprehensive online search, as well as consult with friends or family members to zero in on an agency. Once you have decided on an agency, try and get information on the adoption agency from impartial sources. Your infertility doctor or your gynecologist may provide you with valuable inputs. You can also find out from or even join the local adoptive parent's association. They are perhaps, the best placed to give you information on an adoption agency. One can find adoptive parents association in most of the states.

You can then proceed further and request for written information about the services being offered by an agency. Go through the fine print in detail and find out whether they are offering any introductory seminars. Most of the adoptive agencies offer these seminars free of cost. One can find out more about their services through these seminars.

One major thing that you need to know about an agency is whether it is a licensed adoption agency or not. Adoption agencies are usually licensed by the home state. Find out what are they licensed for, is it to offer comprehensive adoption services or only to do certain things like home studies. Such information is invaluable in the case of adoption agencies. Check out for the eligibility criteria you need to fulfill before availing the services of an adoption services. There may be restrictions on parent's age limit or marital status, for instance. You can also find out from the adoption agency about the number of children they have helped parents to adopt in the past year. One also needs to find out about their fees, whether they is to be paid in full upfront, or in two installments, one in the beginning and the rest after the adoption process is complete. Check out whether they have an attorney or if you need to get your own to complete the legal papers. Find out whether there is a waitlist and how long will you have to wait. Ask all the questions that you may have, even if they seem slightly trivial. Although these are some of the things that one needs to do to choose the right adoption agency, you can get extensive information on adoption agencies through online resources.

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