Respect for Smaller Colleges

by Corey Norman - Date: 2006-12-28 - Word Count: 303 Share This!

When people talk about college football, chances are they are talking about the BCS title game, who got robbed, and about their favorite teams. Yet, nobody talks about the Division 1-AA schools. Probably because they are smaller and not as well known, yet their are more similarities than differences between the two.

The format for the championship for Division 1-AA schools is different than that of the BCS, just because they have a playoff format. Instead of depending on computers and coaches to determine the two teams who will play for the championship, it is determined by the players, coaches, and their determination to win.

The Division 1-AA schools are not as big as any 1-A school, but their spirit for winning is still the same. They all try to be the best, and they do it without caring if any their games are televised on ESPN. That does not matter to them. What does matter to them is playing the hardest they can, whether they win or not. Every school in the division strives to be one of the 16 teams who make the playoffs, and they try to reach it with the same drive, determination and spirit that other schools have as well. If you pit a Division 1-A school against a team for 1-AA, you can about bet that the 1-A team would win, but the other team would play their heart out, just to say that they tried.

Of course, every school can not have a successful program without the support from their fans. It does not matter whether it is a Division 1-A or Division 1-AAA, every school needs a fan base in order to be successful. So for those of you parents who have children who are, or will be, in college, help them out and root for their team.

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