Meridia - Potent Anti Obesity Pill

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BMI (Body Mass Index) of 30 or more is an alarm signal. This puts you in a high health risk category and you should do something about it immediately.

Meridia diet pills are designed for use by highly obese people who need to loose weight to avoid complications. Obesity is directly linked to numerous ailments, some of which can lead to premature death.

Meridia works on a simple principle. It tricks the brain into issuing a 'feel full' signal which means that you do not eat. When this happens, your calorie intake is reduced and the fat deposits in your body are utilized to provide energy for daily chores.

During clinical trials it was observed that more than 45% of the users who took Meridia daily for more than six months were able to loose weight effectively and also keep it off for up to two years once the Meridia therapy was terminated. This makes this weight loss drug highly recommendable as it not only helps you loose weight but also keeps it off once you go off the drug.

Users who are targeting weight loss around the waist and thigh region are recommend to use Meridia. These regions show a high tendency in weight accumulation and it takes quite an effort to get rid of this excess fat.

Meridia comprises of sibutramine HCl monohydrate which is an active anti obesity agent. It has been in use since mid nineties and has been extensively researched by medical scientists.

Meridia has FDA approval and classified as a controlled substance in the US. This is due to its habit forming properties. Some users try to abuse the drug and this leads to complications. If you intend to use Meridia for long term, you must discuss this fact with your doctor and ensure means to avoid getting dependant on the drug.

Due to its powerful anti obesity properties, Meridia must always be taken under expert supervision. Overdosing and off-label use can lead to complications. Meridia must not be given to users who suffer from seizures or stroke. Pregnant and nursing women must be cautious in its use.

This drug may cause high blood pressure or increase the heart rate. Thus it is necessary to keep a constant watch on your vital signs especially during the initial phase while using Meridia. Some users may develop allergic reactions which are generally mild and go away as your body develops resistance to the drug.

Being an adult only drug, Meridia must be kept away from children.

This is a prescription drug and must always be purchased against a valid prescription written according to the users needs. Never share your prescription with anyone.

All weight loss diet pills show best results when they compliment healthy eating and regular physical exercise. These two elements serve you well through out your life and keep you away from health risks. In the long run they are more useful than drugs to reduce excess fat. Nevertheless if situation does get out of hand, Meridia is always there to help you.

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