A Breakthrough in online Money Making Secrets - Holly Mann's Honest Riches ebook Reviewed

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Ever wanted a coach to train you on how to generate money from the Internet? To teach you Internet Marketing, just to show you how once it's done so that you can continue and develop on from there? My guess is that it would be pretty costly and secondly would you find anyone successful at it willing to use their time to coach and show you how is done. Making money is a time precious scenario.

Well an ebook called Honest Riches (formally Breakthrough Money Making Secrets Revealed and No Thank you Rich Jerk) by Holly Mann a 24 year old single mum and ex U. S. veteran who took time out in Thailand to master Internet Marketing and making money online, is an ebook that coaches you on the steps to make money online. Honest Riches reveals the secrets and methods of those who successfully make money online today. The ebook is well written in a clear simple style understandable by anyone. Each chapter explains the methods required to achieve certain results, through which Holly guides you to follow through and apply the techniques. The step-by-step techniques are the core foundations to making this ebook practical and easy to understand.

The beauty of Honest Riches is in the way it's structured first focussing on simple methods for making cash with no start up money or on a low cost budget. The ebook explains how to source free web site templates and fully designed income generating web sites. The ebook also gives you an insight into the world of contracting out web design work to others in order to allow yourself time to concentrate your efforts on other income generating ventures, all of which are thoroughly. The advice offered in specific chapters as in i.e. the affiliate marketing chapter is particularly unique as it focuses on tips which may seem unimportant at the time but ultimately lead to the success or failure in being able to make money online very quickly.

The ebook not only takes you through how to copy Holly's online methods, it also shows you some of the end results of her projects validating her claims and the methods she uses. This supporting information excites you as to what is possible and the many opportunities around. The book really captures Holly Mann's honesty in revealing herself and being honest in showing what is possible through her (money making) examples.

A great method revealed was the power of article writing and how a low cost free method could make you money and provide you with the quick traffic ranking method required for your website, Blog or Affiliate product, at literally no cost. The ebook doesn't just talk about methods, it provides the links to all the web sites and tools which she's refers to in the ebook. This is most important as it will save you valuable time, research and money.

The bonus offers which come with Honest Riches, are unrivalled; hundreds of links to web sites, free application software and the offer of a freely installed web site, which Holly provides. What makes this ebook even more appealing are the free updates to content which come with the ebook (the last updated review being February 2007) including access to Holly's online discussion forum. The forum provides further support from others who have also purchased her ebook providing a wealth of experience. Holly has also been known to regularly offer advice direct from her forum.

If "Keywords", " Search Engine Optimization" (SEO), "Auto Responders", "ebooks", "Blogs" and "Affiliate Marketing" are terms you have never understood by the end of this ebook you would definitely have achieved a good understanding and the practical techniques on how to use them to your advantage.

If anything needs to be developed further in the book it could've been the bonus chapter 12 on Ebay Tips and Dropshipping. The content in this section is slightly thin on the ground and could have included more information for those interested in developing their Ebay strategies. However, this minor element does not detract from the rest of the book, which provides excellent depth and content (over 95 pages previously 54).

Reading Honest Riches will give you many ideas and will serve as a revelation as to how easy it really is to generate an income and make money online. Set it as your goal to start now.
The ebook is suitable for the average person; newbie's, beginners and intermediates or anyone willing to learn.

Rating:5***** star rating for a five star product!

Clare Rogers is a business IT Trainer who enjoys coaching others to their optimum success. If you want to model proven Online Internet Marketing success and Making Money Online you can learn how to at http://www.beginners-workonline.com Remember, it's only through the application of your action that guarantees you real success.

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