MySpace- An Introduction

by Steven Cancel - Date: 2007-04-18 - Word Count: 561 Share This!

If you haven't heard of MySpace yet, it is one of the biggest social interacting websites out there today. Over 150 million members and at least 230,000 new registrations a day, MySpace is the place to be. All you have to do is sign up and you are now on to a whole to world of interaction.


After you sign up for MySpace, you will have to describe yourself and explain your interests so other members know stuff about you. There will be an "About Me" section where you basically write about yourself. After filling that out, there will be another self explanatory section labeled "Who I'd Like to Meet". This would be the basics of telling people about your self.

Soon, you will be to the point of where you fill out "Interests" and "Details." Interests is basically what your favorite books, music, televisions shows, and movies are. Details are how old you are, what your occupation is, and many other factual notations that you feel like providing to the internet community.

Don't forget to upload some pictures of yourself either. You wouldn't want people to come to your site and have a default cartoon head in place of where you could have a picture of yourself would you? I'd hope not. You can upload a great amount of photos now and separate them in to albums based on the content of the picture.


Now that your site is up and running, it is time to find some friends. You most likely know someone that has MySpace, so it shouldn't be that difficult. Simply go up to the search function and look for people in your area. You can search your exact area and even your high school graduation year for old and existing friends.


Comments are little messages from friends that appear on your main MySpace page. Only friends on your friend list can post a comment to you. This keeps from random people you don't know from saturating your pages with stuff you might now want on your page.


A bulletin is just what it sounds like. It's a bulletin board that you can write a message on that everyone on your page can see. For example: It is your birthday and you are having a party next week. Post a bulletin on the bulletin board with the date, location, and time of the party, and everyone will know about it. It saves minutes on your phone and some money in the pocket.


There are many MySpace pages of musicians that have their music on their site. Go to the music search to find your favorite band. Add the song that your want on your site to play and wallah! When a person goes to your MySpace, they hear your favorite bands song play.


No one wants a generic white back rounded MySpace page anymore. It would look like you just signed up for MySpace and forgot about it. You have to Customize! Add a backround image that fits your personality. Throw in a visitor counter to see how many people have been visiting your site. You can even make a slideshow of pictures from a recent outing with al your friends. Customizing makes your MySpace stand out from all the others, and I highly recommend doing it.

Now that you know MySpace, you can make your own personal site that is fit for you. Good luck!

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