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by Sean Ray - Date: 2007-03-12 - Word Count: 260 Share This!

Social bookmarking is a way to for users to store lists of Internet resources that they find to be useful for them. They can be accessible to a public or a specific network of people. They are stored by category, tags, or randomly. Some social bookmarking services allow users to search for bookmarks that are associated with certain tags and ranks that other users have bookmarked them with.

The implementation of keywords by some groups allow for easier access by grouping those with similar words together and in relation to other keywords. Social bookmarking has grown to become very popular and with that services have been added. It offers more than sharing bookmarks, but readers and viewers can share rating, comments, can import and export, add additional notes, reviews, email and website links, feed subscription, create groups, social networks, and much more. They are a way to store, share, search links, and classify information.

Social bookmarking has become somewhat of a small circle of friends and family online that share the same interest. It can provide information specialized to one subject or books, music, videos, map locations, coupons, parenting information, great school information, and more can be found. Social bookmarking reminds me of an online community to share information with others. It serves as a center hub to locate subjects, information, and ideas from others who have the similar concerns and needs you do. It helps in finding information without having to "search" for it. There are many social bookmarking on the Internet finding one today and see what you can learn!

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