How To Keep Your Skin Clear: A Guide To Healthy Facial Products And Treatments

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Have you ever wondered how some women just seem to have perfect skin? There are many of us who struggle with our skin and would love to have a smooth and silky complexion, but just don't know how. There are some very easy tips you can use to create better, younger looking skin and best of all, the products are not expensive and can be found at places like or

Cleanse Your Skin

You should always keep your skin clean. Only use non abrasive soaps and washes and stay away from fragrant type scrubs and lotions. Once or twice daily, you should exfoliate your skin with a non abrasive facial scrub. Use warm to hot water on your face to open up the pores, cleanse thoroughly, and then rinse with cool to cold water to close the pores back up.


You must keep your skin moisturized; this helps reduce the signs of aging. Use a moisturizer with SPF of at least 30 when you are outdoors to reduce damage from the sun. At night, you should remove all makeup and add a facial cream that will help repair any damage from the day. Products found at and are very affordable and offer the protection you need to stay young and healthy looking.

Repair Damaged Skin

You might want to seek the advice of a dermatologist if your skin is showing signs of damage. If you have normal to moderate skin issues, such as dry or oily skin, acne or blotching, you can use the over the counter products to assist in creating the beautiful skin you want.

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