Harming Antoun Sehnaoui Seems To Have Satisfied The Envious Hearts

by The Free Spirit - Date: 2010-05-19 - Word Count: 336 Share This!

Make lemonade

As it goes, the White House is an incident that was shined, polished, & perfected for a television show, O TV in that case: Extreme Makeover Tayyar Home Edition.
So funny, so Absurd!

As a society, we're at a point where adversity, war, fights--mashkal-- call it whatever, and chaos are deemed somehow 'Normal'. However, because of these facts, our definition of 'Normal' has become changed and distorted beyond comprehension...
When we look at the news, on 25th February 2010, we hear of a young successful entrepreneur, Antoun Sehnaoui, shooting at people left right & centre. He was at Beirut's Maison Blanche night club, and chose to do so for no reason says the rumours.
On the other side, It is still unclear what the reasons are for launching such a massive rumour-based orchestrated campaign; but it is thought that the young man was going out to party and was attacked verbally, insulted with rude gestures and disparaged beyond anyone's imagination with all the meanness low people may be good at. Then, the thunderbolt....
Harming this man was an obvious, easy, cheap and Oh so Golden opportunity for many here in Lebanon to catch. Would be good to try to dissect the false from the truth...Why the news was hugely distorted?

Often, it's thought that "bad things happen to bad people" and somehow, certain people 'deserve' what life throws at them. The old saying that encourages us to 'make lemonade' when times get rough is unrealistic. Sure, it gives peace of mind for the brief instant, however, it's a temporary high.
The only way to combat lemons: make a change. Stop gossiping people; this is is one hell of a bloody syndrome. Poisonous as hell!

Free speech is everyone's right, practice it with a conscience, up, right & unshakable! Share your thoughts and opinions with ethics & a dash of positivity.
As for the rest, well put all egos on the shelves& let the justice take care of the matter while you take care of your own lives & leave others in peace.

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