Recreation & Leisure, Choose an Excursion to Stingray City Next Time You Are In Grand Cayman

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When we go on vacation of course we want to have fun but a lot times we also want vacation, and it usually turns out that way, to be educational as well. What I mean is that even though we are having a good time on vacation we learn quite a bit about things we never knew about.

A few years back we went a cruise that included a stop at Grand Cayman. If you have never been there I highly recommend it. It was absolutely beautiful there and the local people that we ran into were extremely friendly, kind and courteous.

During our stop on Grand Cayman we booked Don Foster's Dive Cayman "Swim with the Stingrays" excursion. This is a day trip where they take you out to a place in the middle of the Caribbean called Stingray City and you dawn some snorkel gear and swim with real live stingrays. This is not a closed off or secluded sanctuary for these animals but an actual area in the ocean where the stingrays come to be around people. As you can imagine, it his highly illegal to go fishing anywhere near Stingray City. I am not sure of what the fine would be, nor would I want to know, but we were told it was pretty significant.

Along with swimming with the stingrays you also get to feed and pet them. That alone would have made it a great experience. However, unlike the other boats that came and went, Don Foster's took the extra time to not only allow you to have fun but educate you as well.

We learned a number of things about the stingray's habitat, the sizing, the color of the species, how Stingray City got started, and of course a complete tutorial on how to feed them. What I noticed about the other boats that were there was they brought people in to mingle with the stingrays but that was about it, which is fine, but adding the education factor to the trip was an added bonus and one that I highly recommend.

If you are going to Grand Cayman anytime soon, look up Don Foster's Dive Cayman. For our particular excursion they did a real nice job, making you feel right at home, in the middle of the Caribbean surrounded by these gracious sea creatures known as stingrays.

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