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Search engines and the world wide web have instilled confidence in browsers. Where there is a "What Is.." or "How To.." there is Yahoo. It was not that long ago that photo developing required a photo developer, career counseling required a career counselor and advertising required firm representation. While no one reaches for the phone book anymore, specific needs, expensive needs and potentially risky needs require specific expertise.

With regards to advertising, the who, what, when, where and how of your campaign can be applied twice. Who can promote your business, your product or your service while accurately and favorably reflecting your qulity and level of professionalism? What will that agency do differentlyor better than their competing agencies? When is the deadline for your creative team, the time between publishing your ad and cashing your check? Where refers to the campaign venue and unfortunately, more often times than not, coincides with your advertising budget. Without representation, independently; Who is your audience? What are you promoting? When will you run your advertisment? Where is your most successful demographic? Both series apply the same, most important how. How will you hold your advertising dollars accountable.

Any adviser will tell you, especially where there is a chance of success or failure, its best to spend more and do it correctly, than to spend less and need to do it over. Repeat what works. Track trends in the market, discover the most profitable campaigns by identifying which ads are generating income and utilize the technologies available to both advertising firms and business owners to hold these campaigns accountable.

Both agencies and owners have easily, successfully, and affordably relied on call tracking. We assigns unique toll free or local call tracking numbers to your ads, coupons, brochures, websites, radio, or TV spots. When a consumer calls the number, its seamlessly forwarded to your business. This invisible sequence allows valuable data about the calls and advertising campaigns to be collected and stored. Campaign analysis, access to call recording, web analytics and more are available simply by logging into an online account.

The 'How' is simple, whether you do it yourself, or retain a advertising firm, protect your investment. If you are confident in your ability to create a professional, marketable campaign, assess your demographics and all other factors, proceed with caution and utilize all available resources to both business firms and owners. Remember, an uninformed decision is not only uneconomical and destructive, they tend to be repetitious. Companies subscribing to a call tracking service are receiving an affordable way to ensure informed decisions are being made. Decisions based on trends, accountable advertising and easy analysis.

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