An Open Letter to World Leaders on Climate Change

by Philip Harris - Date: 2007-02-04 - Word Count: 470 Share This!

The newly released report by the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is frightening. International policy makers must pay heed to its findings and act now to prevent untold disaster. The debate is over-climate change is happening and will get worse if our nation's leaders do not act now. Time is not on our side as we are currently experiencing massive economic and social impacts of a changing global climate. These impacts will only get worse if we continue to put off the inevitable changes we must all support.

Money must be diverted now by governments to address global warming. Laws must be passed now if we are to avoid massive loss of life and population displacement. How many Katina's can we endure? How will the Australians survive without water? As the glaciers melt how many people will suffer and what conflicts will arise? Economies are suffering now-this is not a future scenario.

Exxon reported record earnings. Other oil companies are sure to follow. Tax these usurious profits and put the money into alternative, no polluting fuels. Force the auto industry to mass produce green cars and give massive tax breaks to the consumers. Force to coal fired plants to stop their pollution now. Will this cost a lot of money? Yes, but the cost of not acting will cost even more to economies and lost lives. If the world were to unite to stop certain disaster, untold new jobs ands industries would be created.

What good are all the wars and conflicts if the battles are won but the planet dies? What good are the oil fields if there is no one left to use the oil? What will sectarian violence win if there are no children left to inherit your victories? Look at what is happening to our world and stop playing the fiddle while our planet is being destroyed.

We must unite as citizens of one planet and make our leaders address this most pressing issue. Health legislation, ethics reforms, tax code changes and any other rule we can think of making means nothing in comparison to the climate changes we now face. People often come together when faced with disaster. From ice storms, tsunamis, floods, hurricanes and other disasters, the best of humanity surfaces when catastrophe strikes. But if the catastrophes strike the entire planet, will there be able anyone to help? Who will send food, clothing and shelter if all are stricken? Ignoring climate change will not make it go away. More studies will not make it go away.

Only strong action by all the governments and all people will solve this crisis. And as the IPCC report says, even if we ended all pollution now, there will still be consequences. Are we ending all pollution now?

Please, save the lives of our children. Please, do not let this planet die!

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Mr. Harris was born in Massachusetts. He attended The American University in Washington, D.C. and received his degree in Political Science. His graduate work was done at the University of Northern Colorado and Howard University. While in D.C., he spent several years working for local and regional government agencies. Upon moving to Maine he worked with three governors and served as the Assistant Director of the Maine State Planning Office. He worked on a White House Task Force for the development of a National Rural Policy and later served as Rural Policy Coordinator at the Federal Regional Council of New England. He has worked on gubernatorial and senatorial political campaigns and currently works in Special Education.

Mr. Harris is co-author of the novel WAKING GOD and is a nationally syndicated and featured writer for The American Chronicle. He is working on Book II of the Waking God trilogy and writing features for literary E-zines. His second novel, A MAINE CHRISTMAS CAROL has been released by Cambridge Books. Contributing writer for UPI's Religion&Spirituality web site.

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