Lighted Arrow Nocks - A Worth While Investement!

by Jennifer Walterscheit - Date: 2008-07-16 - Word Count: 515 Share This!

In case you aren't aware of the benefits that come with shooting a lighted arrow nock, allow me to point out a few. In hunting situations we often find ourselves in low light conditions. It seems the critters we so faithfully stalk are most active at dusk and at dawn. Lighted nocks solve more than one problem in these situations. Many times it is difficult to tell where you shot your animal without a lighted nock. With a lighted nock you can see much more easily where you hit. Secondly, in case your arrow shaft passes through the animal, your lighted arrow nocks will help you locate your arrow shaft sticking out of the ground or hiding in heavy brush. I have found that I lose fewer of my precious arrow shafts using lighted arrow nocks. Once you use lighted nocks and experience the benefits yourself, you won't go into the woods without them.

Hunting isn't the only application that can benefit from lighted nocks. If you are target shooting to sight in or target shooting in general, lighted arrow nocks really allow you to see how your arrow is flying. This will help you determine if your bow may be out of tune or if you are possibly shooting the wrong arrows for your set up. If you are simply sighting in, the lighted nocks may help you find arrows that were a little off the mark!

The Lumenoks from the Burt Coyote Company feature incredible brightness and wonderful color. For 2008 Burt Coyote has also introduced several models of Green Lumenoks! Lumenoks can be purchased for aluminum arrow shafts, carbon arrow shafts, crossbow bolts and bow fishing arrows. Burt Coyote Lumenoks used to be the only choice in the world of lighted arrow nocks. Now you have several choices and some with a different technology for actually lighting the nock.

You don't have to just picture the perfect shot, actually see it with the Tracer Nocks from Easton. The dependable magnetic trigger turns them on at the shot and the 90-hour battery life keeps them lit until you find them. Match weight practice nocks are included with each pack for confident practicing. The easy, adhesive-free installation ensures consistent nock position without moving or turning. Ultra-bright LED has either flash mode or permanent on/off capability. Net weight gain over existing Easton nocks is 13 grains. Similar to the Lumenoks, Easton tracer nocks are available for many different models of arrows.

In the past we have also used Firenocks. We have been told that the Fire nock Company will be coming out with an all new lighted nock system featuring technology that lights the nock based on the inertia of the arrow leaving the bow. Another exciting feature will be the auto-shut off feature for 3-D and target shooters.

I think initially many people are a little hesitant to spend the money on lighted nocks for their arrows. However, at that price of arrows today, if they help you recover one or two or better yet, help you retrieve the buck of a lifetime, the price quickly becomes a non-issue.

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