Pitching Mechanics: Elastic Chord Work

by Dan Gazaway - Date: 2008-04-13 - Word Count: 334 Share This!

My favorite topic is pitching mechanics. Today I wanted to take some time and write about pitching mechanics as they relate to using elastic chords. These elastic chords are widely used by pitchers all over the world to improve their flexibility and strengthen the tendons and ligaments that support your muscles. Were you aware that these same elastic bands can help you with your pitching mechanics? Using them correctly can help you identify mechanical deficiencies.

If you want to see if your pitching mechanics are up to par, I would highly recommend you try the following exercise: Attach your elastic band to a fence (or anything stationary) shoulder height. Stretch the band far enough to feel resistance. Hold the band away from you (toward second base if you were on the mound) as you would with your fastball grip. Once you do this you can try any mechanical maneuver to see if you need a mechanical tune-up.

To prove this drills effectiveness, you need to understand some basic mechanical flaws so you can try it yourself. One of the most common mechanical flaws is to lift your pivot foot up too soon before release of the baseball. To prove for yourself that this will decrease your pitching velocity, try it with the elastic band. Once you lift your pivot foot too soon (before release) the stretched elastic band will start pulling you back. You know you have lost power; you also know you shouldn't do it.

Another mechanical flaw is opening up too soon. They will open up their shoulder and hips prematurely before foot strike. To "feel" that this isn't mechanically correct, purposely open your hips and shoulders before foot strike and pull the elastic chord forward. What do you "feel"? Do you feel less power?

Try these drills to test your strength throughout your entire delivery. If something doesn't feel right (pressure in your arm; less power) when you pull the elastic band forward, then you know it's time to tweak your pitching mechanics.

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