The Role of Emotions with Allergic Reaction According to Ayurveda, NAET and Chiropractic Principles

by Helen Thomas - Date: 2007-01-29 - Word Count: 278 Share This!

it is obvious emotions affect your total electrical system,the flow of electricity, and your state of well-being. Negative emotions toward self, others and experiences are interpreted as disturbances or reactive substances. They affect the immune system and can contribute to a variety of unhealthy conditions, from fears, and phobias,anger,depression,to various diseases and disorders.

The brain and the entire nervous system stores and catalogues emotions according to chemistry. Emotional chemistry that causes red, swollen reaction or tears of joy.The emotional chemistry is triggered by increase in electrical vibration, frequency, amplitude initiated by brain wave movement. Electrical Emotional Allergy is referring to the part of the emotional allergy that is in the nervous system not the immuno--globins ,enzymes, and other gastric juices. Emotions boil down and becomes microscopic juices in the body. They are stored in the nervous system and recalled again and again all day long.

Muscle testing can access information about the emotions like any other type of information that is stored in the body. Breaking the energy code of negative emotions or emotional allergies with Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Technique is a phenomenal breakthrough in complementary alternative medicine.

In my 25 years, I have personally witness countless people helped with releasing nagging old thought and emotional patterns that run their life. It frees up blocks that lead to deep emotional healing. Just let it go is sage advice when considering our various troubles,but often we find that will power and desire alone are not adequate tools to move forward in a positive way. Working with NAET/Ayurveda/Chiropractic helps this process in a profound way. Energy medicine helps the body let go so the mind has nothing left to hold on to .

Related Tags: allergies, stress management, ayurveda, health education, allergy specialist in naet I am a practicing Chiropractor for the last 25 years. Ayurveda came into my life in 1984. I have study with the best in the nation and the best in India. It is a practice that takes a lifetime to become a master. I love teaching it and practicing it. The results in everyday practice are phenomenal. It takes seven years to get a degree in Ayurveda in India. It is a serious healthcare science that as a doctor of Chiropractic I was prepared to take it on as my specialty. It gives me so much as a human being and supports me as a professional and serves my community with such grace.

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