Outdoor Signs And The US Economy

by Alan King - Date: 2007-02-05 - Word Count: 449 Share This!

The American economy is a sophisticated market. While it is true that the Government, with its war on terrorism, is blowing billions every month, it is also true that superior business strategies (such as outsourcing, interest rate manipulations) have directly or indirectly aided the economy and contributed to the spending power of an average American.

America today (2007) is a highly mobile, fast-paced consumer-centric society. Billions of dollars exchange hands across the table and through the Internet and businesses exist and thrive in a fiercely competitive environment. The U.S. economy is now dominated by retail and service businesses - and both these businesses need proper commercial signage. If a retailing or service business is to succeed, it must be able to communicate with customers about its products or the services it offers. For most non-Internet businesses, the most cost-effective form of advertising is an outdoor sign.

In fact, in America, the outdoor sign has gained so much importance that the courts (both Federal and State) have recognized commercial signage as a form of protected speech under the First Amendment! That's how important a place the commercial sign occupies in the American economy.

Okay, back to our talk on the American Economy and how outdoor signs should connect with it: As the economy grows, so does affluence and growing affluence translates to an increased reliance on automobiles. Also, when the economy grows, people get shifted out of their neighborhood or even their state and they land up in unfamiliar surroundings. Both these factors (automobiles and shifting) induce changes in customer behavior and patterns. So every business needs to cotton on to the changing customer behaviors if they want to remain in business. And one of the best methods of identifying your business to the passing motorist or to the person who has just shifted in your neighborhood and is now taking a stroll just outside your shop - is the "forever" outdoor sign.

Your outdoor sign will create a brand identity for your business and hook the customer for you, provided you are in step with the changing times. Remember, if you plan correctly and choose your outdoor sign brilliantly, your cash register won't stop jingling.

In the American economy, the outdoor sign is, therefore, the most universal advertising option that supersedes television, direct mail, print, Internet and radio advertising. This is not to say that outdoor signage is enough. Of course, you must look at other forms of advertising too. What you must understand is that an innovative and effective outdoor sign will complement your other advertising campaigns.

In the American economy, a good outdoor sign can be the key to success. Plus, it stays put 24/7/365 - so it is a permanent asset for your business too.

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The best way to go about choosing a sign is the age-old method - ask the expert. So, feel free and chat up your sign manufacturer and have him guide you through the process.


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