Questions to Ask When Purchasing a Neff Fridge Freezer

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There are quite a few questions that you need to ask yourself when thinking of purchasing a new fridge freezer for your kitchen. The first is 'How much space do I have for my fridge freezer?' There are many different sized appliances in the Neff fridge freezer selection ranging from built under fridge freezers that come up to about waist- height right up to the American-style fridge freezers that have massive capacities and plenty of room to keep a week's worth of shopping for the whole family. Neff's fridge freezers are designed to fit in a single housing unit. Both the fridge compartment and the freezer compartment have their own door, but they share the same compressor unit, which can save energy and money.

One of the less practical, but still very important questions that you should be asking yourself is 'What colour do I want my fridge freezer to be?' It is really important if you are refurbishing your kitchen that everything looks just right when it is finished. That means making sure that your appliances match each other and fit into their surroundings. A Neff fridge freezer does not offer all that much choice in finishes with most of their fridge freezers being available only in white or stainless steel. This is fine if those are the colours that you want, but you may need to consider shopping elsewhere if you are after something a little more colourful.

Other things that you need to look for are the features that are available and for what price. The K9724 Neff fridge freezer features Frost Free technology, which means that it stops the freezer from frosting up and stops the build up of ice within the freezer compartment. This means that the fridge freezer will need defrosting less often that a fridge freezer that does not include the Frost Free feature. All of Neff's fridge compartments within their fridge freezers also feature an automatic defrost operation via the cold wall refrigeration system to keep the fridge compartment at optimum temperature.

As well as the initial price of the fridge freezer, you should also be asking the question 'How much will this cost me in the long term?' In this case, you need to be inspecting the running costs of the appliances that you are looking at. Again, looking at the K9724 Neff fridge freezer, this appliance is quite large with a total fridge and freezer capacity of 235 litres. Despite its size it is surprisingly reasonable to run with an annual running cost of around £33.60, an average energy consumption of about 336kWh. The thing that you should really be looking for in a large kitchen appliance is its energy efficiency rating. These are certified by HM government and to EU standards and this particular Neff is rated A, which is the best score that an appliance can get and the only score you should be considering if you want an appliance that is as energy efficient as possible.

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