The FYI on Gum Disease

by David Snape - Date: 2007-04-28 - Word Count: 521 Share This!

Do you wonder about the health of your gums? Have you ever seen red, puffy or bleeding gums upon brushing or flossing. Have you grown, 'long in the tooth'? Have you lost any teeth due to gum disease? Know anyone else that has?

Eighty percent of American adults suffer from some form of gum disease according to the Mayo Clinic website. The question begs to be answered, why? Eighty percent? That is quite a high number. No one ever talks about gum disease which leads me to believe that out of that eighty percent, few realize they suffer from it. Eighty percent equates to eight out of ten people.

That means most of the people you know, possibly including yourself, suffer from some form of gum disease. Many people may not know that they have gum disease. They may in the future, though, because eventually their dentist will tell them that they need a 'root scaling and planing', surgery or periodontal work done.

The Surgeon General once described gum disease as a silent epidemic. Studies keep surfacing that suggest that gum disease may be a precursor to larger problems such as heart disease. Gum disease may be a route that bacteria and other pathogens enter the body through. Having gum disease means that you have left an open door to infection.

Despite all of this, few people talk about gum disease and even fewer are doing anything about it. I can foresee a day when people will pay particular attention to their oral health, because it will become common knowledge of just how serious the situation with our gum tissue is.

Unfortunately, many people will lose precious gum tissue before they even realize that they have this disease or before their dentist mentions it to them. That is why the time is precisely now to start working on this, regardless of what stage of oral health you are at. Protecting your gum tissue is protecting your overall health if all the suspected links to other disease are real.

If you are anything like me, you went for quite some time thinking it didn't matter if your gums bled a little during brushing or flossing. Nothing is further from the truth. If you experience any bleeding at all while brushing and flossing, that is probably indicating an abnormal and possibly diseased condition. Check with your dentist for diagnosis and treatment.

Since eighty percent of adult Americans suffer from this disease it is reasonable to suspect that the preventative measures of brushing and flossing that we were all taught are not adequate to prevent or stop gum disease. If you are like me, you found that you have suffered from this disease and have lost bone and tissue as result.

I was determined not to lose any teeth to this villain and researched and tested a number of tools that I could use to arrest the progress of gum disease and keep it away. I wrote the Gingivitis Killer website to report what I have found. This article is for informative purposes only, check with your dentist if you have or think you might have gum disease for diagnosis and treatment.

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David Snape writes for the website. You can read more about gum disease there and at his weblog archives on gum disease .

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