What Really Matters?

by Coach Louise - Date: 2010-06-14 - Word Count: 480 Share This!

Just over two years ago, my 22-year old son suddenly passed on, from a heart attack. Fortunately I was blessed by having a great toolbox from my extensive background, to help me through my utter despair. One of my most cherished and powerful tools is having a deep connection with source [for me source is God]. Source is a saving grace.

All the tools I now share with others are the ones I needed myself. When you are faced with loss, you really discover what is important in life. It is not always what you think it will be. Things that you thought were so important and worth arguing for suddenly seem trivial and unimportant compared to love and peace.

These are the exact teachings of Plato (429-347 B.C.E.), so many years ago. Plato was and still is one of the most influential authors in the history of philosophy, who summarized his life's work in two simple words "Practice Dying." Plato, who was an Athenian citizen from the highest status, displayed his wisest insights through his teachings on political events and intellectual movements. The questions he raised through his writings are so profound, and provocative that for 2,000 years since, educated readers in philosophy has in one way or another been influenced by him.

There is a reason. Plato's philosophy is devoted to exploring the ethical and practical consequences of conceiving reality; how we look at life. It urges us to transform our values by looking for the greater reality of the soul and goodness. What is best for "ALL". In Plato's writings, he asserted how important it is to distinguish what goodness really is, not just take it as face value. Meaning, in order to truly understand if things are good and why they are good we must investigate the form of good. The same goes for love, peace, kindness and death.

Plato is such an example of a great philosopher who was obviously connected to source. I encourage you to practice dying, look outside the box, with a bird's eye view on what really matters in life. When you do, you will be greatly rewarded by being able to see more than you did before, with more clarity. Clarity enhances the gift of living more joyfully, with passion, and purpose, all while loving others the way you would like to be loved. Seeking and connecting with source has worked for me countless times. I look and I find. I ask and get answers.

One recent insight I have discovered while seeking is clarity on my life purpose to help others in grief. I want others to receive the love and support from invisible relationships with the other-side, which I have wonderfully received. Now I am on a mission to shift the perspective of dead to evolved, and lost to fabulously found by expanding my practice as Americas Grief Coach

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