The way out is in - a magic pill for success?

by Anne Kelly - Date: 2007-01-29 - Word Count: 393 Share This!

I remember a session with my business and life coach when I facetiously asked for a magic pill to instantly make my life easy! With the help of my coach I did create a magic pill that day, and I want to share that prescription with you.

I was reminded of my search for a magic pill while reading a book by Alan Cohen entitled "I Had It All The Time". Cohen writes, "The way out is in. It is not fixing that we require; it is awakening."

Here are Cohen's words: "The way out is in. The path to freedom is to return to your source. At your center lives a being so radiant and magnificent that upon beholding it you will lovingly laugh at the notion of trying to improve what God made whole. Then are you free to enjoy what you are. Give up your efforts to become perfect by accepting the perfection in which you were created."

As a professional coach I know that my clients come to each session not only with their own agenda, but also with their own perfect answers. I also know that coaching can act as a sort of can opener, allowing the contents within to come spilling forth with remarkable results.

As the coach, I did not place those contents within the souls and minds of my clients. However I have the great pleasure of witnessing the emergence and recognition of so many "AH-A" moments, as I call them. Awakenings, as Cohen puts it.

So if our answers are within, why do we look outward for a magic pill? It is human to want simple and easy solutions that will hasten our awakening, solve our challenges and bring us tranquility. Dreaming of that magic pill may be the mental and spiritual escape we occasionally need, a break in our hectic lives.

Ultimately, though, good coaches will lovingly and without judgment reflect that search back inward - the way out is in.

I close by sharing my magic pill, and I encourage you to use it as a basis to create one of your very own!

-Celebrate that you are naturally creative, resourceful and whole.

-Release the 2 percent of life that is not working and focus on the 98 percent that does work.

-Attract and receive that which you would be, do and have.

-Remember, the way out is in.

Directions: Take as often as needed!

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