How To Write A Good Novel - Creating Conflict

by John Halasz - Date: 2010-02-01 - Word Count: 297 Share This!

When first time authors are just getting into the business, they really want to learn and be sure they know how to write a good novel. The advice they usually get is to read as many books by successful authors in the same genre as that which they are interested in. This is the best advice you can get. Reading novels written by successful authors is the best way to learn different aspects of writing. One thing you can learn from reading novels is how to structure a good plot.

The structure of your plot depends on the conflict in the novel. As you learn how to write a good novel you will discover that the action in the plot will rise as the conflict in the story develops and builds up. The conflict in a story is therefore the driving force of the story. It is the element of the story that attracts and maintains the interest of the reader.

The conflict in a novel is any force that works against the protagonist of the story. Conflict can therefore take form of a person who in this case would be an antagonist. This antagonist does not have to be evil. Antagonists are those characters who interfere with the progress of the protagonist towards the goal set by the theme of the story. The presence of this character therefore creates conflict in the story.

Conflict can also be created by an event or inability to perform a certain task. Past or present hindrances that are barriers to the accomplishment of a 'happily ever after' by the protagonists are conflict creators.

In learning how to write a good novel you will be well advised to introduce the conflict of your story early. This will get the readers interested in the story early.

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